Spidey 4 News And Notes

Sam Raimi is back. Tobey Maguire is back. Kirsten Dunst is back (joy…ugh)! What else do we know about the fourth tale for the web-slinger?

Chances are that John Malkovich (Burn After Reading) could step into the role of the villain for Spider-Man 4 and don the wings of the Vulture. Apparently Malkovich had tried out for the role of Green Goblin in the first film which ultimately went to Willem Dafoe.


Some other news going around is that Anne Hathaway () could be in line to play The Vulture’s daughter Felicia Hardy who ends up turning into Black Cat later in the comic books. An odd rumor though is that Hardy would not turn into Black Cat, but turn into a character called the Vulturess. This is not a character from comic books and is simply created by filmmakers. Odd that Raimi and Company would go against the comic books after all this time of remaining rather true to them with the first films.

That is just beyond weird and I’m not entirely sure why they would do that. It’s not like people wouldn’t be able to follow along with the story because most of them are comic book fans and the rest…well, they aren’t stupid.

Time will tell if these rumors come true. A tentative release date for Spider-Man 4 is May 5, 2011.

Credit: Moviehole

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