Blu-Ray Announcements: Walk the Line, To Live and Die in L.A., and The Last King of Scotland

Twentieth Century Fox and MGM Home Entertainment are bringing two Oscar winners and a hidden gem from the ’80s to the world of high definition on February 2nd. The first is The Last King of Scotland starring Forest Whitaker and James McAvoy. Available for the price of $29.99 (SRP), the Blu-ray features nine deleted scenes, the theatrical trailer and a casting featurette.

Everybody’s favorite crime-scene investigator, William L. Petersen, squares off against Willem Dafoe in the action thriller To Live and Die in L.A. from William Friedkin (The Exorcist). Like the Road House release, the Blu-ray (available with a SRP of $24.99) will include a DVD that contains the original special edition release with the film and extras, plus a Blu-ray with just the film.

Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix headline Walk the Line which chronicles the life of “The Man in Black” Johnny Cash. Available for the SRP of $29.99, the Blu-ray includes commentary from director James Mangold, deleted scenes and extended musical sequences, and two featurettes (“Celebrating the Man in Black: The Making of Walk the Line,” “Ring of Fire: The Passion of Johnny and June”). For completists, this Blu-ray release does not include all of the extended musical sequences found on the Extended Cut DVD release, and it is missing a few extra featurettes. So for those of you who own the Deluxe and Extended DVDs, you better hang on to them.

Artwork for all three titles below:




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