Robin Hood International Teaser Trailer

Douglas Fairbanks. Errol Flynn. John Cleese. Kevin Costner. An animated fox. All of them have played Robin Hood at one time or another. Now it’s Russell Crowe’s turn. Proving that he was no Spartacus (only a Maximus), Crowe brandishes a sword – when he isn’t pulling arrows out of his quiver (and no that isn’t a euphemism for anything). Universal has debuted the first international teaser for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood starring Crowe and Cate Blanchett (via Trailer Addict).

To be frank, the music selected for the trailer sucks and, well, Crowe isn’t nearly the draw that will get moviegoers to pack the theater. And with the movie’s release wedged between Iron Man 2 and Shrek Forever After, it may get lost in the summer blockbuster shuffle. Still, the action looks good. Whether or not it will be packed, that’s for you to decide.

The film follows Robin from his early days in King Richard’s army to his return to Nottingham to his creation of a band of mercenaries who challenge the sheriff and eventually try to prevent civil war.

Ridley Scott’s the director and Oscar winner Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential, A Knight’s Tale, and the upcoming Green Zone) handled the writing duties. Robin Hood comes to theaters beginning May 14th, 2010.

Credit: Trailer Addict

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