One Year in Memphis – December 13, 1986


Steve Keirn/Tracy Smothers over Rock n Roll RPMs by DQ

Jerry Lawler over the Great Kabuki

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis/Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka over Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Tojo Yamamoto/Jonathan Boyd

Memphis Vice over Big Bubba/Goliath

Boy Tony over John Paul

Tracy Smothers over Tony Burton

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown informed us that today we’d be seeing the Rock n Roll RPMs, the Memphis Vice, Akio Sato, Tarzan Goto, and the Great Kabuki would be part of a six-man tag match, Big Bubba and Goliath, and Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis, and Pat Tanaka would be one side of the main event tag team match.

We came back from commercial to see the Rock n Roll RPMs on the way out to face the Bryant Brothers. Mike Davis and Randy Bryant started off. Davis got a quick advantage and brought in Lane, who sent Randy face first into the corner. Lane hit a double forearm and brought Davis back in. Davis suplexed Randy down and hit an elbow. Lane came back in and put Randy down with a forearm shot. Lane slammed Randy and dropped a fist before bringing Davis back in.

Davis clubbed Randy down and hit a reverse neck breaker before allowing the tag to Robert. Davis hammered Robert and tagged Lane in. Lane maintained the advantage and dropped a fist. Lane stomped Robert and let Davis back in. Davis hit a back kick and threw a fist. Davis slammed Robert and dropped an elbow before covering for a one count.

Lane tagged in and the RPMs hit a double backbreaker. Lane covered and got the win at 3:20.

The RPMs headed to the interview set where they filled Lance Russell in on how good they were. Lane told Russell that they were tired of showing videos of “has-beens“. Russell responded by showing a new video of the Fabulous Ones set to “If Looks Could Kill.” The footage showed the Fabs posing for the cameras and also wrestling teams like the masked Medics and the Road Warriors.

When we returned to the studio Davis was protesting. He and Lane bashed the Fabs and Tracy Smothers came out. Smothers asked Russell to show what had happened to him the week before. Russell obliged and we saw the RPMs attacking Smothers after he tried to defend the Fabs’ honor.

We returned to live TV to see Davis mocking Smothers. Davis told Smothers that the RPMs had another message for the Fabs. The crowd erupted as Steve Keirn came out of the back. Keirn suddenly broke free of the crowd and charged. He and Smothers ran the RPMs out of the studio. Keirn came back and told Russell that he’d gotten the message from their good friend Smothers. Keirn reminded the fans that Jackie Fargo had put the Fabs together and Tennessee was their home. Keirn called the RPMs out and challenged them to a match.

We came back from another commercial to see Russell backstage to fill us in on Wednesday night’s show. Jonathan Boyd joined Russell for a word about the coal miner’s glove match. Boyd promised Jarrett that he may have run Bigfoot off but he wasn’t going anywhere.

The Rock n Roll RPMs then came in for a word. Davis said that Smothers had called everybody he knew for backup and all he’d found was Tommy Rich.

Downtown Bruno, Bubba, and Goliath joined the fun next. Bruno called Winston and Lawler idiots and promised that they’d pay the price on Wednesday.

We headed back to the studio to see Boy Tony and Tony Burton set to face the Memphis Vice. As always, Tony threw soap to the fans and they returned it. The Vice attacked Burton and Tony before the bell rang, sending their opponents to the floor.

Bryant and Tony started with Tony skipping around the ring. Bryant mocked Tony and got him in a headlock. Tony pulled Bryant’s hair to escape and Bryant put Tony down with a couple of shoulder blocks. Bryant then reversed a hiptoss to send Tony flying. Burton came in and got a hiptoss followed by a dropkick for his trouble. Bryant strutted as Tony and Burton regrouped on the floor.

Finally Tony returned to the ring and Bryant started mocking him again. Bryant got Tony’s arm and brought Winston in. Winston sent Tony into the corner and hit a hiptoss then gave Burton one.

Tony tagged in Burton. Winston got him in a headlock and brought Bryant in. Bryant kept the headlock and Burton escaped by throwing punches. Burton put Bryant down with a back elbow for a two count.

Tony tagged back in as Burton slammed Bryant. Tony dropped a leg and got another two. Tony sent Bryant into the corner and then Bryant managed to tag in Lou. Lou fought off both opponents and all four men started brawling as Big Bubba hit the ring. Bubba went after Bryant as Tony and Burton hammered Lou. The tide turned when Jerry Lawler came out and went after Bubba. Lawler pitched Bubba and then helped run Tony and Burton off. Lawler gave the Vice high fives as Dave Brown made the DQ official.

We then headed to a video of Jerry Lawler set to “Take My Breath Away.” We saw Lawler pulling into the Mid-South Coliseum parking lot and getting ready for the night’s match as he did battle with opponents like Eddie Gilbert and King Kong Bundy.

After the video we joined Lawler and Russell at the interview set. Russell introduced a tape. The first saw Paul Diamond attacking Tojo Yamamoto while the Great Kabuki spun his nun chucks before starting to choke Diamond with them. Kabuki hit him with the chucks and then took Pat Tanaka out as well. Tojo came over as Kabuki choked Tanaka with the weapons. Lawler hit the ring and went after Kabuki and Tojo. Tojo bailed out and pulled Kabuki back.

Lawler added that he’d been facing Big Bubba in the coward waves the flag match. We went to the tape and saw Bubba choking Lawler, who was starting to fight his way back to his feet. Lawler broke free and hit a fist before dropping the strap. Lawler clocked Bubba and tied him up in the ropes. Tojo slipped in and got intercepted by Lawler as Kabuki sneaked in as well. Kabuki spun his nun chucks as Lawler attacked Bubba. Lawler turned around and Kabuki hit Lawler with the red mist. We cut ahead and saw Bubba destroying the blinded Lawler. Bubba slammed Lawler’s head into the mat and then started throwing punches as Lawler staggered around blindly. Marlin threw in the towel and Bubba celebrated his win with Bruno.

Back in the studio Lawler pointed out that he’d had the match won until Kabuki showed up. Lawler said that he understood why Marlin had thrown in the towel and talked about the mist he’d gotten hit with. He also mentioned about how Austin Idol had gotten hit with green mist and had been sidelined for weeks. Lawler then revealed that he had an upcoming match with Kabuki and the winner would get a title shot at the world’s champion. Lawler put over Kabuki’s toughness but then said that he would remember that Kabuki had tried to blind him with the mist in the match.

We came back from commercial to hear more about Wednesday night.


We headed back to the studio to find Tojo and Kabuki at the interview set. Tojo acknowledged that Lawler had been there a long time and had earned the name of the King by defeating opponents like Hulk Hogan, Jack Brisco, Andre the Giant, and Dory Funk. Tojo admitted that he respected Lawler’s skills, but now Lawler would face Kabuki. Tojo said that Kabuki would defeat Lawler and then Kabuki would win the world title. Tojo also said that Kabuki had promised to put Lawler out of action.

Sato, Goto, and Kabuki headed to the ring to face Ed Mattox, Jim Jameson, and David Johnson. Goto and Jameson started. The two locked up and Goto slammed Jameson before stomping and chopping him down. Jameson fought back and gained control before tagging in Mattox. Mattox hit a dropkick but Goto fought back and brought in Sato.

Sato snapmared Mattox down and then buried a knee in Mattox’s stomach. Kabuki tagged in and put Mattox down with a martial arts kick. Kabuki hit a chop to the throat and Mattox tried fighting back. Kabuki suplexed Mattox down and brought Goto back in.

Goto chopped Mattox down and Johnson tagged in. Goto used his head butts to gain control and tagged Kabuki up. Goto elevated Johnson and Kabuki came off the second rope for the win at 2:28.

We came back from commercial to hear from Bruno, Bubba, and Goliath at the interview set. Bruno put over Bubba’s victory in the Lawler match and then said that Lawler couldn’t beat Bruno. Bruno then brought up the Memphis Vice and promised that Bubba and Bruno could beat them twice in fifteen minutes with five thousand dollars on the line.

Bubba and Goliath headed to the ring to face Will8iam the Freezer Thompson and Mike Murphy. Goliath and Thompson started with Goliath getting a quick advantage. Goliath dropped a leg and then slammed Thompson down.

Bubba tagged in as Murphy did as well. Bubba slammed Murphy and dropped an elbow. Goliath tagged in and Bubba hit a backbreaker. Goliath dropped a leg twice and covered for the win at 1:22.

Russell returned to the interview set where he was joined by the snake-wielding Jonathan Boyd. Russell cleared out and Boyd told Jeff Jarrett that nothing was over between them. Boyd promised Jarrett that the snake would get him. Boyd talked about how he’d been embarrassed by Jarrett and now he was going to let the snake strangle him.

Russell reemerged as Tojo came out with Sato and Goto. Tojo promised that Sato and Goto would take Jarrett out and they headed toward the ring with a quick “Banzai.”

We came back from commercial to hear a little more about Wednesday night. Jarrett and Travis joined Russell. Jarrett told Boyd that he didn’t think that he’d make it up the pole and Jarrett would get that glove. Travis hinted that they might throw an opponent off a balcony.

Lawler and Big Lou then came in. Lawler promised that they’d take Goliath and Bubba and cut them down to size. Lou told Bubba and Goliath that they had trouble coming.

We headed back to the studio to see Tanaka, Jarrett, and Travis on their way to the interview set. Jarrett admitted that this was his first falls count anywhere match, but he had plenty of targets in it. Travis hinted that they might take their opponents into the cheap seats and beat them.

They headed to the ring to face the Headhunters and Keith Erich. Erich started off against Tanaka. Erich got a headlock as Bruno joined the commentary team for a word. Erich shoulderblocked Tanaka down and Tanaka responded with a hip toss.

Jarrett tagged in and dropped an elbow. Erich wasted no time in clearing out and tagging in Keith Roberson. Travis tagged in and slammed Roberson. Travis dropped an elbow and got a one count. Travis followed up with an uppercut and a dropkick.

Tanaka came in and chopped Roberson down before nailing a martial arts kick. Mike James came in and Jarrett tagged in as well. Jarrett dropped him with a dropkick, followed with a second, and covered for the win as a six-man brawl broke out.

Referee Jerry Calhoun quickly restored order and we headed to commercial.

We came back and Brown gave a quick rundown of the day’s events. Russell said goodbye and that was it for another week.

Falls Count Anywhere
Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis/Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka vs. Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Jonathan Boyd/Tojo Yamamoto

Jerry Lawler/Lou Winston vs. Big Bubba/Goliath

Rock n Roll RPMs vs. Tracy Smothers/Tommy Rich

Coal Miner’s Glove match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Jonathan Boyd

Paul Diamond vs. Boy Tony

Tony Burton vs. Pat Tanaka

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