Inside Pulse WWE Superstars Report 12.17.09

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Tonight’s edition of Superstars features a rematch from last week’s
main event as MVP and Jack Swagger continue their feud on WGN.

Cryme Tyme vs. Dolph Ziggler & Mike Knox: JTG and Ziggler begin the
match and Dolph is quickly floored with a shoulder block after a rope
running exchange. But that advantage is short lived and he tags in
Knox who beats down his smaller foe for a bit before Ziggler tags back
in and hits the perfect necksnap for a two count. JTG makes a warm tag
to Shad and the big man quickly begins to dominate Ziggler. After Shad
lifts Ziggler for a slam, Knox is able to make the blind tag. As Shad
drops his partner across the top rope, Mike drops Shad with his big
crossbody and we hit some commercials.

When we return from break, Ziggler is trying to control Shad with a
chinlock. Knox rejoins the match and tries to lock in a bearhug but it
is short-lived and we return to brawling as both of the heels tag in
and out of the action a few times. Knox hits an impressive dropkick
and it gets him a 2.7 count before Dolph tags back in. Shad finally
makes a comeback and after hitting a clothesline he and Ziggler tag
out of the match. JTG hits the Mug Shot on Knox but Dolph breaks up
the pin attempt. Shad comes in and hits Ziggler with the Thugnificent
and then gets clotheslined out of the ring by Knox who then turns
right into the Shout Out from JTG and that’s enough for the pinfall

Tommy Dreamer vs. Vance Archer: This is Archer’s first appearance on
Superstars and I think the first time I’ve seen him wrestle and he is
quickly in control of this match. Dreamer reverses a shot into the
ropes with a sunset flip attempt but Archer blocks it and delivers a
leg drop for a two count. Archer follows up a couple of bearhug
attempts with a belly-to-belly suplex that and that garners him a long
two count. Tommy makes a comeback after dodging an attack in the
corner but his trademark DDT does not get a three count because Archer
is able to get his foot on the ropes. Dreamer goes up top for a
follow-up attack but it fails to connect and Archer quickly finishes
things by hitting a reverse DDT for the win via pinfall.

MVP vs. Jack Swagger: This is a rematch from last week’s match that
was won by Swagger. Just like last week, MVP gains the early advantage
and gets a couple of two counts early. After halting an irish whip
attempt with a knee strike, Swagger tries to toss MVP over the top
rope however MVP slow skins the cat back into the ring. But the show
needs to take a commercial break so Swagger will not to be denied and
he clotheslines him out of the ring anyway.

When we return to live taped action, Swagger is in control and we get
a replay of him tossing MVP into the ringside barricade while we
weren’t looking. Swagger works over the left arm and shoulders of MVP
and keeps him grounded or in the corner during his attacks. MVP dodges
an attack to the corner and makes a comeback while continuing to sell
having limited use of the arm. He is able to hit the Ballin’ Elbow but
Swagger slides out of the ring to stop his momentum and attacks the
arm as MVP reaches to bring him back in the ring. Jack goes his
gutwrench powerbomb but MVP slips out before getting floored with a
clothesline. Swagger then tries his second rope splash only to have
MVP halt the attempt by catching him in a powerbomb like maneuver as
he bounces. MVP follows up with the Playa’s Boot and then hits the
Playmaker for the pinfall victory.