Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time TNA Final Resolution Report

Happy Holidays from Pulse Wrestling…IT’S TIME TO CROSS THE LINE!

Live from Orlando, Florida

TNA World Tag Team Championships: Motor City Machine Guns v. The British Invasion

Bell sounds and Williams & Sabin start things off with mat based wrestling. Sabin rolls through a Greco Roman wristlock into a tag to Alex Shelley. Williams tags out to Brutus Magnus and he works the wrist as well. Shelley works a side headlock, but Magnus tosses him to the corner. Off the top goes Shelley and Magnus tries to turn it into a Tiger Driver…countered to a Fujiwara Armbar attempt to no avail. Tag to Sabin and the Brits head to the outside. DOUBLE PLANCHAS FOR THE BRITS! Back inside, Shelley gets hit with a drop toe hold and the Brits take control of this portion. Headscissors applied by Williams and he bashes Shelley’s head into the canvas. Cover gets two. The Gory Special connects by Williams and Shelley lands in the corner. Crossbody block by Shelley gets a two count and Williams tags in Magnus. They twisted the arms and drop Shelley in a reverse DDT for two, broken up by Sabin. Headlock applied by Williams. Shelley drops Williams and Magnus prevents a tag. Williams tags out and Shelley is caught in a Full Nelson. Masterlock that is not. Springboard crossbody by Shelley…CAUGHT by Magnus! Magnus goes off the top and he lands on Shelley’s knees. Tags all around and SABIN IS ON FIRE! Sabin counters a rollup attempt wth a stiff kick. He is a one man wrecking crew! TORNADO DDT BY SABIN…TWO COUNT ONLY! Cradle Shock gets blocked and Magnus tags in. Tag to Shelley and he hits a missile dropkick! Sliced Bread countered, but the single arm DDT to the turnbuckle connects! Shelley takes care of Williams…HEAT SEEKING MISSILE BY SABIN TO WILLIAMS ON THE OUTSIDE! SLICED BREAD BY SHELLEY…TWO COUNT ONLY! Shelley sets Magnus up and he goes to the top. Magnus moves out of the ring and it is balls to the wall as all four men find their way on the canvas! Shelley and Magnus square off in the ring, but Magnus connects with a couple European uppercuts. Williams has Shelley…Magnus takes out Williams! Sabin tags in…Magnus goes down. Double superkick connects, but Williams breaks it off. Cutter to Williams! CROSSBODY BY SABIN ONLY GETS TWO AS MAGNUS KICKS OUT! They set up for an electric chair, but the Brits get the referee distracted with Sabin. Double team elbow/powerbomb combination gives the Brits the win!

Winners: The British Invasion
Grade: B+

We have three title matches tonight and we’re burning through two of them already.

TNA Knockouts Championship: Tara v. ODB

Tara charges before the bell and ODB leaves the ring. That heel turn for ODB…not working. ODB tries to attack Tara, but Tara immediately gets ODB in the Tarantula. Slingshot legdrop gets a two count. Powerbomb attempt fails for Tara. ODB gets sent to the corner and she evades a charge. Opposite corner we go and ODB picks Tara up and DROPS HER ON HER NECK for a two count. That was sick. ODB goes for a bronco buster, but changes it midmove to a kick to the chest. ODB chokes away at Tara as the crowd is eerily quiet. Inverted DDT connects on Tara and ODB is having hot flashes of sorts. Tara tries a comeback, but ODB regains control. Fallaway slam connects on Tara and ODB kips up to little reaction. She covers for a two count. Tara bridges a pin attempt for two and ODB returns with a takedown. ODB grabs the hair and Tara tries a comeback. ODB knees her in the gut and she goes to the 2nd rope. She dives off and Tara moves out of the way. Tara favors the shoulder a bit from that shoulderbreaker earlier. Tara comes back and ODB gets a flapjack for her troubles. Snap suplex connects and Tara hits a standing moonsault for two. Tara looks for a Widow’s Peak, but ODB counters and sets Tara up for a TKO…Tara counters into a rollup…PINFALL!

Winner: Tara
Grade: D+

Christy Hemme interviews Tara and Tara gives a similar speech that was her first title win. ODB is pissed off in the ring.

Hype for January 4th, 2010.

Feast or Fired Match
Participants: Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Cody Deaner, James Storm, Robert Roode, Eric Young, Homicide, Kyoshi, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Rob Terry, Kevin Nash (w/some woman), & Samoa Joe

Clusterf*ck to start… Good luck with me keeping the score with this match. Deaner tries to get a case, but Bashir cuts him off. Bashir tries going for the case, but is stopped. Deaner tries again and is stopped again. Everyone is fighting out of the ring except for Bashir and Deaner. Bashir tries again and Deaner goes for an electric chair, but Bashir rakes the eyes. Lethal Consequences takes Kyoshi out and Homicide comes in and gets dismantled by Lethal Consequences. Creed climbs and Bashir cuts him off. Deaner finishes the job and Deaner and Bashir fight for the case! They continue the fight and Bashir gets case #2. Big Rob takes down case #4 and Eric Young is pissed off. Beer Money come in and they dispatch World Elite from the get go. Neckbreaker connects from Roode and they double team EY. Roode climbs up and he gets crotched by Nash and he climbs up to take down case #1. One case remaining. Samoa Joe is in the ring and he dispatches Lethal Consequences, but Creed takes Joe down. Roode hits a spinebuster on Creed, but EY hits a piledriver. Storm takes EY out and Kyoshi takes Storm down. Lethal Combo connects by Lethal, but Homicide blocks Lethal from getting a case…CUTTER SENDS BOTH MEN DOWN! Deaner climbs up…slowly…Samoa Joe KICKS HIM OUT AND HE GRABS THE CASE!

Briefcase Winners
Case 1: Kevin Nash
Case 2: Sheik Abdul Bashir
Case 3: Samoa Joe
Case 4: Big Rob Terry

Jeremy Borash is going to send it to the back.

Christy Hemme talks to Angle and Styles and Angle puts Desmond Wolfe over. He vows that Desmond won’t end his career tonight because he has unfinished business to tend to. Styles vows to give Kurt a shot sometime. He tells Daniels that he’s going to have to rip the title off him.

JB is back on the stage with SoCal Val. We’re going to reveal the cases now.

Kevin Nash is first and his case holds a Tag Team Title shot!
Samoa Joe is next and his case holds a World Title shot!
Big Rob Terry has a X Division Title Shot
Sheik Abdul Bashir…FIRED!

Taz brings up the “future endeavored” line.

Elimination Tag Team Match: Team 3D, Jesse Neal, & Rhino v. Hernandez, Matt Morgan, Suicide, & D’Angelo Dinero

The bell sounds and it appears that this will still be tag rules. Rhino starts things off and he beats into Hernandez. Rhino tags in Devon and Hernandez tries to mount some offense…HEADBUTT CONNECTS! Hernandez takes out the competition but Devon comes from behind and he chokes him out. Rhino tags in and he quickly tags out to Ray. He works on Hernandez in the corner. Ray stops a comeback and he continues to dismantle Hernandez. Rhino comes in and he hits a belly to belly and he sets for the Gore…CONNECTS! He covers…for a long two count! He tries again and he misses. Hernandez rolls Rhino up and he gets eliminated! Everyone else come in and he takes care of Herandez. Jesse Neal has a steel chair, but Ray distracts for time and everyone else comes into the match! The heels go out of the ring and SuperMex hits a plancha on them outside the ring! Dinero puts Neal in the ring and Suicide gets a two count. Dropkick in the corner connects and Neal kicks out at two again. Rolling senton connects and Suicide takes and hits a missile dropkick for two. Neal turns around and gets dropkicked for two. Neal comes back with the knees and he sends Suicide to the corner. Neal picks the chair up and he wallops Suicide with it and that brings Hernandez into the fight. He picks the chair up and he DENTS IT OVER NEAL’S HEAD! So, the referee DQ’s Hernandez for that, but allows Neal to stay in. Suicide gets 3D by Team 3D and he is eliminated. Dinero is in the ring and he has Ray reeling. Shoulderblock sends Ray down and that gets a two count. Word from the back says that Neal was also DQ’ed as Dinero slaps away at Devon and Ray. Dinero Express connects on Ray and he gets on the top…flying clothesline only gets a two count. Out of nowhere, Dinero gets 3D for the pin!

Morgan is alone with Team 3D. He steps in and he squares off with them. They try to take him down, but Morgan is keeping up with them. Morgan gets sent to the ropes and he explodes with a double clothesline. He squashes 3D opposite corner and Ray crashes into Devon! Chokeslam attempt…Devon saves with a chop block. Ray has the IWGP tag title belt and they continue to choke away at Morgan. Devon has fingers in the eyes and they go for a double team, bu Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint to eliminate Devon. Ray comes from behind and he takes it to Morgan. Morgan fires away with chops, but Ray rakes the eyes. Clothesline connects and Ray looks for a splash to no avail. Hellavator attempt countered into a DDT by Ray..TWO COUNT ONLY! Ray brings the chair back into play and Ray eats a chair-assisted Carbon Footprint for the three count!

Winner and Sole Survivor: Matt Morgan
Grade: C+

Last Man Standing: Scott Steiner v. Bobby Lashley

Steiner makes Lashley chase after him up at the ramp and he manhandles Lashley before choking him out with a cord. In the ring, Steiner runs into a T-Bone suplex. Lashley unloads with the rights in the cirner before hitting a rushing shoulder into the stomach. Another thrust and he drops Steiner in a backbreaker. Dragon Sleeper is applied and Steiner is down. Looks like this isn’t “Deathmatch rules” where you have to pin before the ten count, as is the norm with TNA Last Man Standing matches. Steiner is up at five and he gets taken out of the ring. Lashley has a chair and he creams Steiner with it near the stage. Steiner comes back with a lead pipe and Lashley is down. Lashley is up at seven and Steiner is ready with the pipe to the back. Lashley is back up at seven again. Lashley gets introduced to the steel ring post before sending Lashley into the steps. Steiner’s left knee seems to be tweaked. Lashley is up at eight. Steiner is waiting for him and he sets Lashley up at the ropes. SPIKE DDT CONNECTS! Lashley has to be out! NO! He’s up at nine. Steiner won’t stay off him and he sends him back to the top. Top Rope overhead suplex connects and Lashley is down for nine. Steiner is on the ropes…Lashley catches him with an overhead suplex! DOMINATOR CONNECTS AND STEINER IS DOWN! Steiner is up at nine and he hits a low blow on Lashley! On the top…FRANKENSTEINER! HOLY GOD! The crowd woke up on that move! Lashley is up at eight and Steiner levels him before getting his pipe. Kristal steals the pipe and tosses it to Bobby. SPEAR CONNECTS! Lashley has the pipe…HEAD SHOT! Steiner is down!

Winner: Bobby Lashley
Grade: C

Tag Team Match: Dr. Stevie & Raven v. Mick Foley & Abyss

Mick Foley makes this match “Foley’s Fun House Rules”, which means Tornado Tag and everything goes! The bell rings and Stevie and Raven take a backseat to them. Foley goes after Raven outside the ring and Abyss has Dr. Stevie in the ring. Foley and Raven head out of the iMPACT Zone! Stevie rushes to the corner and he lands bad. Abyss off the charge and Stevie gets squashed for two. Stevie takes a powder and Abyss is in pursuit. Stevie gets bashed against the platform and Abyss has a table. They fight at the announcer’s position and Abyss beats the holy hell out of him. They climb onto the stage. Oh no…POWERBOMB ATTEMPT, but Raven is back and he breaks a kendo stick over Abyss before pointing the sharp edge against the throat. Raven…BITES THE BURNED LEG OF ABYSS. SICK! Stevie and Raven double team Abyss as they wonder where Foley is. Raven runs up the steps and he takes Abyss down. He bites the leg again and pulls out a gas can. Here comes Foley with a shopping cart of goodies. The Barbwire bat comes to play and Stevie and Raven pay for this. PILEDRIVER CONNECTS ON RAVEN! DOUBLE ARM DDT FOR DR. STEVIE! Abyss puts Stevie on Raven and Abyss drops the hips on both men. Mr. Socko comes out to play and Raven throws powder in Foley’s face! Raven looks for fingers in the nose… Abyss drops Stevie in the Shock Treatment and drops the leg on Raven for two. STEREO MANDIBLE CLAWS! Raven counters to the Raven Effect…TWO COUNT ONLY@ Foley traps Stevie in the coil of barbwire and Foley DROPS THE ELBOW ONTO STEVIE THROUGH THE TABLE! HOLY SH*T! Daffney looks to gets involved, but her chair shot is ineffective. Abyss looks to hit her with the Shock Treatment, but Raven intervenes. BLACK HOLE SLAM CONNECTS AND THAT IS ALL!

Winners: Abyss & Mick Foley
Grade: C+

JB is with Samoa Joe. Joe has the World Title shot and he told us that he was going to win that title shot. He says he can cash in whenever he wants. He says he can wait until Daniels and AJ kill each other or he may cash in on January 4th. Intrigue!

Angle/Wolfe recap video.

Three Degrees of Pain: Kurt Angle v. Desmond Wolfe

It looks like the entire match will be inside the six sides of steel. First fall begins and the rules of this match for the first two falls…usage of the cage as a weapon is illegal. Mat wrestling to start and Wolfe puts a keylock on Angle. Angle gets out and he takes Wolfe down and into a front headlock. Wolfe gets out and puts on an armbar. Single leg takedown connects and Angle gets out of the leg scissors attempt. Uppercut by Wolfe and he takes Angle down to the mat with a headlock. Angle reverses into a hammerlock. Snapmare by Wolfe, but Angle counters into a hammerlock again. Wolfe hits a snapmare again, but Angle keeps on the hammerlock. Random fan shot in the audience then we’re back to the action. Cross chop by Wolfe and he hits an European uppercut. Cover gets one. He tries a few covers…one count each time. Wolfe forces Angle to his back for a two count. Sevel attempts of that and Wolfe drops the knees…to the canvas! Angle attacks in the corner and Wolfe gets a headlock takedown for two. Headlock still cinched in and the fans are duelling each other in chants. Another headlock takedown by Wolfe and he is doing a good job in grounding Angle. Wolfe takes Angle down AGAIN with a headlock takeover and he continues to wrench Angle’s head. If this was Orton v. Cena, the crowd would crap all over this. Off the ropes Wolfe goes…HIPTOSS BY ANGLE! Suplex connects and Angle charges into an elbow. OH GOD! ANGLE POWERBOMBS WOLFE INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Wolfe snaps Angle’s arm and both men are down. Wolfe pulls Angle up and he sends Angle to the ropes. Angle looks for the sunset flip and Wolfe snaps the arm to the canvas. Headlock again by Wolfe, but Angle gets back into it. Suplex by Angle, but Wolfe quickly gets a hammerlock DDT. Angle comes back with the Germans! One..Two..Three..Four..FIVE! Angle is on top…Wolfe is up and he hits the Tower of London! Angle kicks out at TWO! Wolfe is up and he misses the Lariat and gets rolled up for two! Tower of London attempt, but Angle counters to an Angle Slam for two! Angle goes up top…MISSES THE MOONSAULT! Wolfe comes back and he hits the lariat! TOWER OF LONDER CONNECTS! Cover…PIN!

Fall One Winner: Desmond Wolfe

Wolfe looks for a keylock and he has it cinched in. Angle rolls through and he has Wolfe in the Figure Four! Earl flubs up by trying to count a pinfall. Wolfe reaches the rope barely. He is back up with a headbutt. OMIPLATA APPLIED ON ANGLE! Angle is back up and Wolfe takes him back down and puts a wrist lock back on. Angle goes for an Angle Slam, but Wolfe counters with an armdrag. Armbar takedown and Wolfe reapplies the Omiplata. Angle counters to the Anklelock! Wolfe rolls through and he sandwiches the arm between his legs. Angle rolls through AGAIN and puts Wolfe back in the anklelock! Wolfe counters into the Kimura Lock! Angle breaks the leglock and Wolfe goes around and works the arm again. Angle picks the ankle and applies the anklelock! Wolfe counters into an anklelock of his own! Angle gets out of it and locks on a Triangle Choke that Taz calls some other japanese move name I can’t spell. Wolfe has Angle in the Triangle Choke applied on Angle. Angle rolls through again and reapplies the anklelock and Wolfe fails to counter. Heel hook cinched in and Wolfe TAPS!

Fall Two Winner: Kurt Angle

That random fan was Jason Williams from the Orlando Magic. Angle sends Wolfe into the cage twce and Taz mocks the WWE who is probably in town as well. Angle looks to escape, but Wolfe stops it. Wolfe snaps the arm against the cage and MOTHER OF CHRIST! SUPERPLEX BY WOLFE! Wolfe can’t escape due to his foot hurting and Angle uses the cage to his advantage. Both men are up top and Wolfe knocks Angle off. Angle pops up…MONKEY THROW ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE RING! Angle reverses the whip and he sends Wolfe into the cage! Off the ropes and Angle explodes with a lariat and Desmond Wolfe is BUSTED THE F*CK OPEN! Angle goes up top and he hits a frogsplash…Wolfe puts his leg up and Angle lands on it. Wolfe uses his bad leg and Angle lands on the bad shoulder. Angle pulls Wolfe back in and applies the heel hook! Wolfe is bleeding badly…and he passes out! Angle tries to climb the cage and Wolfe realizes it! He looks to escape through the door, but Angle drops first!

Winner: Kurt Angle (2-1)
Grade: A+

Daniels and Styles are going to have a hard time topping this!

JB is with Mick Foley and he puts Abyss over. He wants to talk about Hogan and he sends a message to him and he wants Hogan to answer some questions.

AJ Styles/Daniels video.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Daniels v. AJ Styles

The match is underway and both men stare each other down. Lockup and they go around the ring. Styles has Daniels in the corner and Daniels explodes with a slap! Styles has Daniels opposite corner and Daniels begs off. Daniels wrings the arm of Styles and he has the champion on the mat. AJ drops to the canvas and he locks the arm and Styles is reeling in the early going. Headscissors by Styles applied… Daniels gets out of it and locks on a keylock. Outer leg sweep by Styles and he applies a crossface, but Daniels is back up and he sends Styles to the ropes. Styles explodes with a lariat, but Daniels clips the legs on another rope rup and he gets a hammerlock applied. Daniels sends Styles to the ropes and they go around…Daniels misses the dropkick and Styles isn’t impressed. Styles springboards into the ring and he takes Daniels out with a dropkick to show him how to do it. They fight in the corner and Styles kicks Daniels following a snapmare. Styles talks trash at Daniels, bu Daniels sweeps the leg and Styles rebounds by headscissoring Daniels across the ring. Snap Suplex by AJ connects and Daniels takes a powder outside. Flip Senton by Styles connects and the fight spills to the outside. Back inside and Styles slingshots in. DISCUS CLOTHESLINE CONNECTS ON DANIELS! Hip toss attempt by Styles is blocked by Daniels monkeyflipping Styles into the turnbuckle. Clothesline sends Styles hard outside the ring. Daniels sets some chairs up and he sets Styles in one. Slick Johnson takes one chair away and Daniels hits a rock bottom onto the steel chair. Back inside the ring and Daniels gets a two count. Side slam connects and Daniels only gets two. Daniels focuses on the back and he sends Styles to the ropes. Styles counters a side slam to a headscissors. Daniels sends Styles to the corner and he looks for a super back drop…OH GOD DANIELS DROPS STYLES ON THE TURNBUCKLE! Daniels only gets a two count for that. Styles makes Daniels take a gut check, but Daniels hits the knees to the back before hitting a scoop slam. Split Leg moonsault connects on the back and Daniels applies a crossface. Scoop slam on AJ and Daniels looks for a springboard..but misses. HAMMERLOCK SUPLEX BY STYLES AND BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Daniels finds himself on the receiving end of hits, jabs, and kicks. Daniels elevates Styles on the apron and knocks him down outside. Daniels goes out and POWERBOMB ON THE MAT! Styles sends Daniels’ shoulder into the ring post and the fight goes back in the ring. Daniels begs off, but AJ isn’t buying it. Styles picks Daniels up…DVD ON THE KNEE! Styles reverses and he hits a reverse springboard DDT for a two count. Daniels is back up and he blocks a whip. AJ goes for a discus clothesline, but Daniels hangs AJ out to dry on the ropes. Middle rope suples by Daniels…TWO COUNT ONLY! Styles gets thrusted in the corner and Daniels uppercuts him on top. Another uppercut and Daniels takes Styles down with a Frankensteiner! Shining Wizard connects for a two count. AJ blocks a suplex attempt…BRAINBUSTER BY AJ STYLES! HOLY HELL! Styles springboards in and connects with Daniels…almost three as Daniels has the foot on the ropes! Styles Clash attempt, blocked…but the Pele doesn’t! Styles Clash again, but Daniels grabs the ropes! ENZUGIRI CONNECTS! Daniels uses the the referee as a shield. He gouges the eyes…BME CONNECTS! HOLY HELL STYLES KICKS OUT! Daniels picks Styles up…catapult connects…Styles connects with the Clash, but Daniels kicks out! Awesome match! Daniels crotches Styles in the ropes. Frankensteiner attempt blocked…TOP ROPE STYLES CLASH CONNECTS! STYLES RETAINS!

Winner: AJ Styles
Grade: A

Styles celebrates as we are done.

Show Over.

Quick Results
AJ Styles d. Daniels: A
Kurt Angle d. Desmond Wolfe 2-1: A+
Abyss & Mick Foley d. Dr. Stevie & Raven: C+
Bobby Lashley d. Scott Steiner: C
Matt Morgan, Hernandez, D’Angelo Dinero, & Suicide d. Team 3D, Jesse Neal, & Rhino: C+
Feast or Fired: Kevin Nash: Tag Team Title shot; Samoa Joe: World Title shot; Big Rob Terry: X Division Title Shot; Sheik Abdul Bashir: FIRED!
Tara d. ODB (New Champion): D+
The British Invasion d. The Motor City Machine Guns: B+

The Final Grade for TNA Final Resolution: B

The Final Pulse

Two more MOTYC’s come from Final Resolution as Angle and Wolfe as well as Daniels and Styles put on epic battles tonight. The undercard did their job as well, except for Tara and ODB, which was lacking…though I blame TNA for putting that match too early on the card. Cody Deaner has a job still and all is right in TNA. Positive recommendation from me to definitely watch this show for the two co-main events and the opening match. Enjoy your night!

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