Third Teaser For Despicable Me Hits The Net

Despicable Me tells the story of a trio of young orphan girls that try to do the impossible. A horrible and deplorable man named Gru has aspirations and plans to steal the moon so the girls set out to try and make him change his mind.

This is the third teaser we’ve seen, the second of which came just a month ago. It’s an interesting plan by having short teasers which only give us a hint of what the movie will be about. The third teaser seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the film but makes me want to see it even more. But there is a slight hidden message in there if you just sit and think about it for a second.

Despicable Me stars the vocal talents of Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Ken Jeong, Will Arnett, Julie Andrews, and more. It is set for release on July 9, 2010.

Credit: Yahoo Movies

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