NHL – On The Blue Line

Hey everyone, even though the NHL’s Olympic break is still a few months away, I decided to take mine before the new year hits.

First off, how awesome is the Western Conference? The West is stacked from top to bottom. Take a look at the standings and compare the points amongst teams in both conferences. Other than NJ, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Washington there is not much going on with any of the other teams in the East. Now, if you want flops, then the Eastern Conference is the place to go. The Rangers, Bruins and especially the Flyers continue to disappoint. In the West, the only real letdown has been the play of the Anaheim Ducks who have 37 points and are #13 in the West. Even so, those 37 points would put them 2 points out of the #8 seed if they were in the East.

The Flyers have done everything they could to turn around this disastrous season. They fired their head coach, to no avail and have jumped back and forth between starting goaltenders. The one thing they should really try it dumping some salary and learning how to draft better. Daniel Briere was a great investment there, Philly.

Marc Savard just scored a great goal for the Bruins against the Thrashers and Boston is getting primed for the Winter Classic which takes place at Fenway Park on New Years Day. Although there was a big uproar about the Capitals (or about Ovechkin, in particular) being left out of the NHL’s biggest game of the year, the NHL can rest well knowing that they have an underachieving Bruins team taking on one of the biggest flops in the form of the previously mentioned Flyers. Either way, the sight of an outdoor NHL game is going to be spectacular and hopefully both teams can use the game to pick up their play and turn their seasons around.

3 goals in 1:08 for the Bruins and the Thrashers would be smart to pull their goalie.

That’s a good way for the Bruins to warm up for January 1st.