One Year in Memphis – December 20, 1986


Great Kabuki over Jerry Lawler

Rock n Roll RPMs over Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis

Big Bubba over Tommy Rich by DQ

Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka over Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto

Memphis Vice over Goliath/Downtown Bruno

Tracy Smothers/John Paul draw Tony Burton/Boy Tony

Jonathan Boyd over David Haskins

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown told us that today we’d be seeing Boy Tony battling Tracy Smothers in the opener. We’d also see Big Bubba and Goliath, the Memphis Vice, the Great Kabuki, the Rock n Roll RPMs, and Tommy Rich.

We came back from commercial to see Boy Tony coming out, now accompanied by Downtown Bruno. Bruno claimed that Tony was one of the best wrestlers in the world and now he would make sure that Tony got a fair shake. Bruno announced that he had signed Boy Tony to a contract and then made Tony an honorary citizen of Pittsburgh. Bruno closed by informing everyone that they couldn’t defeat Tony with Bruno on his side.

Smothers was ready for action as he made his way into the ring. Tony gave Bruno a little peck for luck and the bell rang to start the match. The two locked up and Smothers backed Tony into a corner. Tracy backed off and the two locked up again. This time Tracy started trading arm wringers with Tony. A hair pull put Tracy down. When Tracy regained the arm wringer Tony whipped Tracy into the corner. Tracy reversed, monkey flipped Tony out, and then sent him out of the ring with a dropkick.

Bruno consoled Tony and he returned to the match. Tracy got a hammerlock and took Tony down for a pin (which was delayed due to Bruno’s interference). Tony put Tracy down with a shoulder block and then Tracy hit an elbow to put Tony back onto the mat. Another lockup saw Tony rake Tracy’s eyes and start working him in the corner.

Tracy started punching back and back dropped Tony. Tracy kept throwing punches and sent Tony into the corner. Tony raked Tracy’s eyes, got into his purse, and retrieved a can of hair spray. As referee Jerry Calhoun argued with Bruno, Tony sprayed Tracy in the eyes and covered for the win.

Russell and Brown denounced Tony’s actions as a replay aired, then sent us to commercial.

When we came back Russell was backstage. Russell wished us a merry Christmas before Jerry Lawler joined him. Lawler took a moment to express his appreciation to the fans and then began talking about his furniture store in Evansville. Russell advised Lawler that they’d be back in Evansville on January 7th to close the segment.

We returned to the studio to see Big Bubba and Goliath set to face Jim Jameson and Mike Murphy. Goliath started against Jameson. Goliath easily hammered Jameson down and rammed him into the turnbuckle. He clotheslined Jameson down and whipped him into a dropkick. Goliath hip tossed Jameson and began stomping him. Goliath slammed him and dropped a leg as Bruno sang their praises at commentary.

Bubba came in and threw Jameson across the ring to tag in Murphy. Bubba raked Murphy’s eyes and slammed him down twice. Bubba dropped a leg and threw a punch to plant Murphy.

Jameson came back in and the two locked up. Bubba took Jameson down with a clothesline after a whip and then nailed a suplex. Bubba hit a standing dropkick and pulled Jameson up before tagging Goliath.

Goliath hammered Jameson as Bubba held him in the corner. Goliath then slammed Jameson and dropped a fist. Goliath splashed him twice and covered only to pull Jameson up.

Bubba tagged back in and slammed Jameson again. Bubba picked him up and slammed him again before hitting another splash for the win at 3:54.

We came back from commercial to hear Russell hint that something was coming up with the Southern tag team belts that shouldn’t be missed. Lawler then came back in to talk about his store a bit more. Lawler agreed to give away free tickets to upcoming shows when they bought something.

We then returned to the studio to see Ed Mattox set to take on the Great Kabuki. The two locked up and Mattox took Kabuki down with an arm drag. Mattox tried and succeeded a third time, which prompted Kabuki to do a circle and nail Mattox with a martial arts kick. Kabuki choked Mattox on the rope and Tojo got a shot with the kendo stick behind the ref’s back. Kabuki began hammering Mattox down with double chops and a back kick put him on the mat. Kabuki kept throwing chops as Mattox failed to raise any defense. Kabuki then choked him again and gave Tojo another opening. Kabuki locked in a nerve hold before abandoning it for faithful chops. Kabuki hit a chop from the ropes and Mattox tried to fight back only to eat a kick when he charged Kabuki inn the corner. Kabuki dropped from the ropes and got the win at 2:54.

Tojo and Kabuki then joined Russell at the interview set. Tojo called out Lawler as Kabuki spun his nun chucks. Tojo protested the fact that Lawler had defeated Kabuki by DQ to earn a shot at Nick Bockwinkel’s world title. Tojo also protested any implication that he had ever interfered in one of Kabuki’s matches. Tojo promised that Kabuki would give Lawler a wrestling lesson and then would be the new world heavyweight champion.

We came back from commercial to see Russell at the interview set where he was joined by Tommy Rich. Rich told Russell that he was disappointed that Lawler had earned a world title shot. Rich explained to Russell that when he’d returned to the territory Eddie Marlin had promised him the world title shot. Rich reminded the fans that he’d held the world title by defeating Harley Race and (without taking anything away from Lawler) he’d expected to win it again. Rich also brought up that Lawler had never been able to beat Bockwinkel.

Russell tried to bring up that there were several other titles in the company that Rich could try for. Rich just repeated that Lawler had never beaten Bockwinkel and headed to the ring to face Keith Erich.

The two locked up and Rich took Erich down almost immediately. They locked up again and Rich took Erich down while working the arm. Erich used the ropes to force a break and they locked up again. Rich went back after the arm and Erich pulled Rich’s hair to break that up.

Rich got a headlock and another hair pull freed Erich. Rich pulled Erich’s hair and took him down while working on the arm. Rich then dropped a knee and hit a leg drop as well. Erich fought his way to his feet and got back into the ropes.

Rich took Erich down with a side headlock and Erich rolled Rich up for a two count. Rich rolled back over and kept Erich in the headlock. Rich let him up and hit Erich with a clothesline that earned a two count.

Rich didn’t let go of the arm as Erich fought back to his feet and back to the ropes. Another lockup saw Erich send Rich into the ropes and rake his eyes to take control. Erich whipped Rich and put him down with a back elbow before following up with a head butt. Erich covered and Rich escaped immediately.

Rich punched away and earned a two count. Rich whipped Erich and stopped him with a back elbow, then hit a Lou Thesz press for the win at 4:12.

We came back to Russell backstage again, where he again hinted at something coming up. Russell wished everyone another merry Christmas and brought out Billy Travis and Jeff Jarrett. Russell informed everyone that the Rock n Roll RPMs had defeated them for the belts. Jarrett explained that the RPMs had talked them into a match and then Davis had blasted Travis with something. Travis claimed they were the true champions and then promised revenge.

We came back from commercial to a music video of Travis and Jarrett set to “Raise Your Hands.” We saw footage of Jarrett and Travis battling Sato and Goto as well as the Headhunters and the Memphis Vice.

From there it was back to the interview set where Russell was waiting for Travis and Jarrett. Russell congratulated them on the success they’d had in defending the belts. Jarrett claimed that they hadn’t backed down from any challenges and then hinted that the Rock n Roll RPMs might not deserve a title shot.

That brought Mike Davis and Tommy Lane out for a word. They took umbrage at what Jarrett had said and shoved the champions. Davis challenged them to a match right then. Davis and Lane kept baiting Jarrett and Travis until Jarrett shoved back and said they weren’t dressed to wrestle. Davis claimed that they were gutless and Jarrett led them to the ring.

Davis asked Jarrett if he was sure that this was what he wanted to do and after Jarrett confirmed they’d put the belts on the line the RPMs headed in.

The match started with a four man brawl. Travis and Jarrett hit stereo sunset flips and both got a one count. Davis left the ring and so did Jarrett. Travis got a headlock on Lane and shoulder blocked him down.

Jarrett tagged in and the champs hit a stereo back elbow before Jarrett got a headlock. Jarrett then arm dragged Lane down.

Lane tagged in Davis and he locked up with Jarrett. Jarrett hit a cross body that Davis quickly escaped. The two locked up again and Jarrett worked Davis’s arm before tagging Travis in. Travis tagged Jeff, who came off the ropes onto Davis’s arm. Travis came back and landed a punch to the arm, then continued working it over. Jarrett tagged in and hit the arm before taking him down with an armbar.

Davis kicked his way free and brought in Lane. Lane hit a backbreaker and started stomping Jarrett before sending him into the turnbuckle. Davis tagged in and slammed Jarrett before dropping an elbow for a two count.

Lane came back and started driving a knee into Jarrett’s back. Jarrett fought his way to his feet and wound up eating a knee to the gut. Davis came in and rammed Jarrett into the turnbuckle before tagging Lane.

Lane locked in a chinlock and slugged away on Jarrett. Jarrett was punching his way free when Lane raked Jarrett’s eyes.

Davis tagged in and hit a suplex, taking a swing at Travis for good measure. Jarrett, however, kept trying to fight back as Lane came in. Lane hit a snap mare and went back to the chinlock. Lane kept Jarrett down on the mat as Russell indicated that time was ticking away.

Jarrett hit a kick and tagged in Travis. Travis fought off both RPMs and Jarrett reentered the fray. Lane was rolled up by Travis as the ref fought to get Jarrett out of the ring. Davis clocked Travis with a foreign object and we had new tag team champions at 7:53.

Russell discussed the lack of preparation by the former champs as Jarrett checked on Travis in the ring and we headed to commercial.

We came back to hear Russell and Brown still discussing the title match. Brown recapped the day’s events and Russell said goodbye for another week.


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