Updated 2010 NFL Mock Draft

1. St. Louis Rams Jimmy Clausen QB, Notre Dame
So the Rams have finally done it. They are in dead last. I like how the sportscasters in St. Louis are already talking about Suh and the draft…oh, crap. Did I just type Suh? Darn. Well, it’s early and I still think Clausen should go to them, because you shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to draft a franchise QB.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ndumakong Suh DT, Nebraska
Suh is one of the biggest play makers in college football. Tampa needs to get back to their roots and restrengthen their defensive front. Winning the AP player of the year award is significant for Suh because he’s the first ever defensive player to be named AP POY. There should be no doubt that Suh will be taken first or second, depending on what the Rams are wanting to do.

3. Detroit Lions Russell Okung OT, Oklahoma State
The Lions have a good start to their rebuilding, but they need to keep Stafford on his feet. He’s gotten injured twice now and he’s too important to their franchise to become injury prone. Okung is the best tackle in this year’s draft and he’ll be able to start from day one. Injured a third time?…You don’t say. Gerald McCoy would also be a good pick.

4. Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry S, Tennessee
I think Berry is the second best prospect this year, behind Suh. Bernard Pollard was a huge mistake to let go. So they make up for that mistake somewhat here. Berry should go higher, but safeties don’t have high positional value.

5. Cleveland Browns Sam Bradford QB, Oklahoma
Mike Holmgren is stepping into the Browns organization and hopefully will turn that franchise around. Those fans deserve better. Brady Quinn has been put on IR, they’ve won two games in a row, and Holmgren is coming in…the Browns are sitting pretty. Expect a good draft from the Browns in April.

6. Washington Redskins CJ Spiller RB, Clemson
The best quarterbacks are off the board, so Dan Snyder will go with the super exciting CJ Spiller. The question is if he is a top 10 pick. One thing for sure is that he may be the biggest playmaker this year. Jason Campbell has been playing better as of late, so Snyder may not be looking for a QB.

7. Seattle Seahawks Gerald McCoy DT, Oklahoma
McCoy could go higher than this. He’s in the top 5 of my Value Board. They solidify their DT position here and could work on their aging and ineffective offense later on and in FA. McCoy will be highly sought after, especially if he falls out of the top 5.

8. Oakland Raiders Taylor Mays S, USC
Best forty time. Bingo! At least Mays won’t be a major reach here, unlike Heyward-Bey last draft. However, Mays’ stock is dropping because of a sub-par season. Al Davis’ team has quite a bit of talent, but are under achievers. Mays is going to wow everyone at the combine. He’s a freak, but has regressed his senior year. In the words of a famous magician: I’ve made a huge mistake.

9. Denver Broncos (from Bears) Rolando McClain LB, Alabama
If McClain comes out, he’ll be the best linebacker and was the leader of one of the top defenses in the country in 2009. The Broncos 3-4 defense needs to continue to be transformed. It takes more than one off season to switch to a 3-4. You must continuously collect linebackers (ala Pittsburgh).

10. Buffalo Bills Trent Williams OT, Oklahoma
The Bills need…well, a lot. They’ll be searching for offensive and defensive linemen and a quarterback probably this coming offseason. After trading Jason Peters, the Bills were left pretty thin on their O-line. They drafted offensive lineman Eric Wood, but he had quite a bad injury a few weeks ago.

11. San Francisco 49ers Joe Haden CB, Florida
49ers need quite an upgrade in their secondary. 28th in pass defense won’t cut it. Dre Bly is getting older. Haden looks to be the top corner in 2010 by a long shot.

12. San Francisco 49ers (from Panthers) Anthony Davis OT, Rutgers
Davis just declared and he has added to a solid offensive tackle group of potential first rounders. Physically, he’s ready and may be able to start from day one. San Fran gets two big needs filled with two high first round picks. Imagine if they got their QB situation figured out.

13. Tennessee Titans Brandon Spikes LB, Florida
Keith Bullock (plus David Thornton) was just lost for the season. Bullock has been a staple of the Titans defense since he was drafted in 2000, unfortunately time has passed and he’s started to decline. Spikes would be a great addition for the mustache-riding, Manning-jersey-wearing Jeff Fisher.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers Greg Hardy DE, Ole Miss
Hardy has some injury issues and is out for the rest of this season. There are some positions in the defensive front seven that the Steelers are getting old at. It’s time to get younger at the key positions for their 3-4.

15. New York Jets Dez Bryant WR, Oklahoma State
Sanchez needs a big play, favorite target. Bryant’s stock won’t be too affected by his suspension from this season. I don’t think people will even remember it come April. Bryant is the best WR as of now for the 2010 draft.

16. Miami Dolphins Jared Odrick DT, Penn State
Jason Ferguson is getting too old to be the prime player at such an important position. The Dolphins should draft a good defensive tackle to take his place. Odrick has good height and weight for the position.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars Donovan Warren CB, Michigan
Could the Jags move Rashean Mathis to safety? In all likelihood, Reggie Neslon, another first round bust, has lost his starting gig, and perhaps could be let go in the offseason. He has had a horrendous season, that came to a head on Thursday night against the Colts. The dude just doesn’t tackle. NFL.com says that he has 66 tackles. That has to be a lie.

18. Houston Texans Jahvid Best RB, California
The Texans need a running game. That may be the underlying factor that is holding them back. It could also be their defensive backfield as well. They have two options it looks like now: improve their secondary or running game with this pick. Ryan Mathews could also be the back picked here. We’ll have to wait til closer to draft time to see who’s rated higher.

19. Atlanta Falcons Sean Weatherspoon LB, Missouri
The Falcons spent 6 of their 7 draft picks last year on defense. It hasn’t helped this season, but I’m sure down the road they’ll improve. There’s still work to be done on their defense however. Sean Weatherspoon isn’t spectacular, but he is very consistent and will be a solid pick.

20. New York Giants Mike Iupati OG, Idaho
The Giants appear to not need anything and taking a great inside offensive lineman in Iupati would be wise. I think Iupati could have very good workouts after the season, thus improving his draft status even more. Enough to be taken at number 20? Maybe.

21. Seattle Seahawks (from Broncos) Ryan Mathews RB, Fresno State
Seattle needs a new RB and perhaps an heir to Matt Hasselbeck. Mathews was one of the best running backs in college this year, so he’ll definitely get a look in the first round, assuming all goes well in postseason workouts.

22. Baltimore Ravens Damian Williams WR, USC
Williams is the WR that Joe Flacco has been praying for in Baltimore. He really needs a number one receiver, especially since Derrick Mason won’t be back next year. I think Ozzie Newsome is one of the best GMs, if not the best GM in the NFL right now. Just look at his first round picks.

23. New England Patriots Dan Williams DT, Tennessee
The Patriots will be looking to get young on their defense and try to get back to the level they’re used to. This team has regressed and it’s because they haven’t had a productive draft class since 2005.

24. Green Bay Packers Bryan Bulaga OT, Iowa
Ted Thompson will take the best available player and it will fill a need here. It’s amazing what the Pack’s defense has done this year, considering this is their first year in the 3-4. Their real problem is on the line. Their tackles are getting older and it’s time to inject some youth.

25. Dallas Cowboys Bruce Campbell OT, Maryland
Dallas needs a new LT. Flozell Adams should be gone and Campbell would be able to come in and maybe start in his rookie season. Solidifying their offensive line could help their December woes, although they did beat the Saints, which is quite impressive. Maybe they’ve turned a corner.

26. Cincinnati Bengals Brandon LaFell WR, LSU
Unfortunately, the Bengals now need a WR. Just as Chris Henry was turning it around, he was taken away. Please pray for his family and friends.

27. Arizona Cardinals Charles Brown OT, USC
Arizona’s offensive line has been horrendous this year. If they want to be an annual playoff contender, they’ll need a better O-line. Their defense front could also use some youth.

28. Philadelphia Eagles Carlos Dunlap DE, Florida
The Eagles look like they’ll need defense after this season. They could go with the big upside of Dunlap here. At this point in time, I’m unsure where to put Dunlap. He has loads of potential, but like Michael Johnson last year, seems to have work ethic issues, plus his DUI.

29. San Diego Chargers Brandon Graham DE, Michigan
The Diego should address their defensive line in the offseason. Their once strong defense is currently 15th in total defense and 21st against the run. Offensive line is a need as well, since their running game suddenly is useless. Maybe it’s LT’s decline, but Sproles hasn’t exactly delivered either.

30. Minnesota Vikings Colt McCoy QB, Texas
Will Favre get another ring? There are a lot of questions, including that one, for the Vikings after this season. So for now, I’m having them take McCoy, assuming Favre retires. They could use a defensive end opposite of Jared Allen, maybe some help on the offensive line as well.

31. Indianapolis Colts Trevard Lindley CB, Kentucky
The Colts need defense. David Garrard passed all over them last Thursday night. The Jaguars have an improved WR corp, but it embarrassed the Colts’ defense. All positions except for DE is an immediate need for the younger Polian in his first year for taking over for Bill.

32. New Orleans Saints Eric Norwood LB, South Carolina
Defense would seem to be the only need of the Saints looking forward to this offseason. A linebacker or two, secondary perhaps since Darren Sharper is getting older. There are a number of linebackers that could be taken at this pick, Jerry Hughes, great pass rusher from TCU, Sergio Kindle from Texas, among others.


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