The View From Down Here #75 – 2009 Awards

All right, not much has happened this week, what with Christmas and everything. One soccer match was played, the Boxing Day test started yesterday, Sydney to Hobart yacht race the same and everyone else is fighting off the hangover induced by having Christmas in summer when cold beer is everywhere. So I thought I’d do a year end thing here instead.

Australian Sportsperson Of The Year
Steven Hooker. This amazing pole vauklter won a world title with an injured hroin and has now jumped to heights only the great Bubka has scaled. And he is only 27 years old! This guy is going to get better and better.

Australian Disappointment Of The Year
Swimming. By using and insisting on using technology that contravenes FINA rule 10, even though they won, they won by cheating, so our swimmers are the biggest disappointment. Thank goodness FINA has finally grown some balls and now banned this technology… for the time being.

Australian Team Of The Year
Soccer. Our Socceroos adopted the boring style of play the Europeans have perfected and have made the 2010 World Cup Finals. And despite a less than gavourable draw, there is a strong chance they could even make it through to the second or even the third rounds. But just getting there was an achievment in itself.

Disappointing Australian Team Of The Year
Cricket. Lost the Ashes. Lost test series at home. Won meaningless one-day tournaments. Player discipline issues arose. Captain Ricky Ponting is now the most reprimanded international player. Sigh.

Local Team Of The Year
Central Districts Football Club (SANFL). Won their eighth grand final in 10 consecutive appearances this year. That’s a record that us going to be hard to beat.

Most Overrated Australian Sportsperson/s
Women’s Tennis Players. Mark Webber got the wins. After inbjury Lleyton Hewitt has started to come back. But our female tennis players are showing so much promise, but just not reaching those heights.

Most Underrated Australian Sportsperson/s
Netballers. The local trans-Tasman season was a cracker. The tests were brilliant (even if they did not all go Australia’s way). The women playing this sport strive damn hard for little recognition. This really should change.

Moment Of The Year
Danny Green defeating Roy Jones Jr. What a sight. Less than one round and it was over, and Green is on the cusp of becoming a legitimate boxing threat. But that fight and that finish… wow.

And, finally, a personal one:

Wrestler Of The Year
GD Grimm. Voted by the fans as well, Riot City Wrestling’s current champion is a deserved victor. And here you can see a highlights video of the man.

I am now off on around 2 weeks worth of vacation time. By the time I’m back, heaps of cricket, some soccer and some basketball would have happened, and a big boat race would have fnished. Thanks for putting up with me this year; it’s been fun. I hope next year we can continue with this, and any suggestions, ideas, etc, please let me know.


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