10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night RAW for 12.28.2009

It’s the last RAW of 2009 and I have 10 Thoughts!  Without further ado, here we go:


  1. They’ve taken their sweet time creating tension within Legacy again, but I’m glad that we can finally continue this storyline.
  2. Jericho picketing RAW is awesome.  He needs to be on RAW because it suffers without him.
  3. Evan Bourne is the best at looking absolutely DEAD in the ring.
  4. Triple H: “I’m doing what everyone with a brand new midget does – strap him to a skateboard and see how far I can throw him”. HA!
  5. The Jeri-Show “breakup” was uncomfortable and hilarious.
  6. I hope HBK’s quest for a rematch with the Undertaker becomes a full-on heel turn for him.
  7. Nice to have the official word that Bret “The Hitman” Hart will be our guest host next week.  I liked how they handled delivering the news as well.
  8. Why would Randy Orton restart his feud with Kofi Kingston?  He beat him clean already.  His explanation was lacking.
  9. I can’t believe the DX – JeriShow rivalry has degraded into a Hornswoggle bit.  It used to be awesome.
  10. Even though I totally expected it, I can’t believe they pulled the DQ finish in the Cena/Sheamus match.  Especially after DX used it to get rid of JeriShow (well for a little while).  Remember, I called the John Cena win at Royal Rumble two weeks ago.  Craptastic.


Well, see you next week kids.

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