Hulk Hogan Comments On Dana White, UFC Impact on TNA’s Future

In a recent interview, Hulk Hogan noted how much MMA has impacted his vision for pro wrestling.

Specifically, Hogan puts over Dana White and UFC – “Dana White and the UFC has done an amazing job, and it’s all about timing. The UFC was ready to close its doors, they were losing a ton of money, they were going under, they were getting ready to go out of business, and then they did a reality show called, The Ultimate Fighter. They developed the characters; they made people care about the fighters; the people found out who the fighters were; they breathed life into the fighters. That’s what I want to do with TNA. They’ve got the best talent in the world down there, but no one is breathing life into the characters.”

Hogan says he wants to use the lessons of MMA and how they have promoted successfully to build TNA in 2010 and beyond.

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