New Solomon Kane Featurette – "Fighting Scenes"

A new web feature on the fights in the upcoming movie Solomon Kane was recently released. Based on the works of Robert E. Howard, the man who created Conan, Kane is a dour, Puritan swordsman who is doomed to Hell for his wicked acts as a soldier. As he tries to find redemption Kane is once more forced to pick up the sword to fight demons roaming the Earth.

Although Kane is not as widely known as Conan, he is a character beloved to many hardcore Howard fans, and while, unlike the movie, the original stories never go into his past in any great detail, the trailers and web features so far look to keep to the spirit of the character.

Solomon Kane is a film by Michael J. Bassett, of Wilderness and Deathwatch previously. James Purefoy (HBO’s Rome, A Knight’s Tale) stars as the titular character, and he’s joined by Rachel Hurd-Wood, Max von Sydow, and Pete Postlethwaite.

Rogue Pictures acquired the film and it will be released sometime in 2010.

Source: Davis Films

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