WWE Superstars recap for 12/31/09

Melina def. Alicia Fox: Alicia gets a nice northern lights suplex off a whip reversal but can’t hold Melina down. After Melina scores a takedown that turns into a pinfall attempt, Alicia bails from the ring and appears to be in favor of leaving. But Melina chases her up the ramp and back into the ring however Alicia kicks her off the apron as she tries to enter herself. After tossing Melina back inside Alicia continues to work on this advantage and puts Melina’s flexibility to good use with a couple of interesting submission moves. The Divas Champion fights back and hits and interesting knee drop with Fox resting on the middle turnbuckle. She follows that by busting a few ringside ear drums with a scream and hits a hair pulling facebuster for a long two count. Alicia answers with a nice backbreaker that also gets a nearfall. After both divas battler near the ropes, Melina uses them to her advantage to hit the Last Call for the pinfall victory.

Shelton Benjamin def. Vance Archer: Shelton slugs Archer down and hits a samoan drop for a quick two count but Archer responds with some strikes of his own and a full nelson bomb. After a hotshot like maneuver against the ropes and a brief pin attempt, archer maintains his control of Benjamin with a headlock. Shelton fights his way back to his feet and hits a rebound attack from the corner turnbuckle. Benjamin hits a german suplex with a bridge for a nearfall and then follows with a Blinger Splash. He goes for a second splash but it is reversed and Archer hangs him up in the corner via the tree of woe. Shelton slaps Vance in the face (while still hanging upside down) when taunted and this sets Archer off enough to draw a DQ from the ref by refusing to break his subsequent attack. After the bell and Benjamin is finally freed from his turnbuckle prison, Archer hits a reverse DDT to really drive his point home.

Cryme Tyme def. Charlie Haas & Mike Knox: Nice to see Charlie again but why do I have the feeling he’s just there to be the one take the pinfall? Knox and Shad start the match and in Hogan versus Andre like fashion, Shad tries several times to knock his foe down before finally getting a successful slam attempt. Shad goes to the second rope for a follow up but after a distraction by Haas, he gets his leg clipped and Charlie is quickly tagged in to start working on his leg. Knox and Haas tag in and out a few times continuing to assault Shad’s injured leg but after a couple of tease spots, Shad is able to reach his corner while Knox also tags out. JTG is in the match for the first time and does as much celebrating as attacking Haas. JTG hits the Mug Shot but Knox breaks up the count. Shad returns to knock Mike out of the ring but he is in turn kicked in the bad leg by Charlie. But as Haas returns his focus to JTG, he walks into the Shout Out and that’s enough to get Cryme Tyme the pinfall. I actually liked the team of Knox and Haas but then again I always enjoy that sort of old school heel tag formula.

The superstar video of the week features Batista and his resent heel turn. Speaking of video packages, did you know Bret Hart is coming back to the WWE next Monday on Raw? The Raw Rebound (and several commercials) would like to make you aware of that almost as much as they’d like to spotlight John Cena. Speaking of next Monday night, last week’s edition of Superstars featured several commercials for TNA during their ad breaks. As a comparison, this week had zero TNA commercials.

Jack Swagger & Carlito def. MVP & Chris Masters: These two teams are both auditioning for the WWE Films’ remake of the Odd Couple. And speaking of odd pairings, Masters is accompanied to the ring by Eve and some new theme music MVP starts off against Carlito and quickly falls victim to some dirty tactics in the corner. MVP fires back with a knockdown off the ropes but can’t hold the advantage as Carlito directs him to his corner and Swagger is tagged in. Swagger keeps the advantage briefly but MVP hits a flurry of strikes ending with a knee to the face and follows that by hitting the Ballin’ Elbow. Swagger rolls out of the ring to stop the onslaught but MVP continues his attack with a crossbody over the ropes as we hit a commercial break.

As we return to action, MVP’s arm is being targeted by Swagger and we get a video replay of Carlito hitting a cheap shot to give his team control during the break. Carlito and Swagger tag in and out a couple of times as they continue to work on the ailing arm of MVP. But MVP is finally able to get some separation and land a throw sending him towards his corner and Swagger towards his. Both men tag out and Masters floors both heels before nailing Carlito with a press slam. He locks on the Masterlock first on Carlito then on an interfering Swagger. MVP rejoins the action to force Swagger out of the ring but with Master’s back turned Carlito capitalizes by nailing him with the Backstabber and pins him for the win.

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