Hulk Hogan News: TNA Contract Length, Working w/Vince Russo, Reaction to Bret Hart

The media swarm continues for Hulk Hogan, as he did a long interview hyping TNA’s return with

Hogan confirmed that he didn’t plan on wrestling, but had a larger role as the “Vince McMahon of TNA:
they’re bringing me in to be the Vince McMahon for TNA. If you were to hire Vince McMahon, if Dixie Carter were to hire Vince McMahon and say, ‘Go in and do what you do,’ that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make sure from the beginning of that show to the end of that show everything that goes on in that company from the promotion, the licensing, the merchandising, advertising; I’m going to make sure everything that goes on in that company I have a handle on.

He also commented officially on the length of his contract with TNA:
I’m not sure. I think it’s a year with rollovers, you know, if we’re both happy. It’s definitely a year, it’s not any shorter than that.

On working with Vince Russo:
I’m not walking in there to fire Vince Russo the first day; I’m not walking in there to fire Terry Taylor the first day. I’m walking in there going, OK, guys, it’s a new day, and I hope everybody here has something to contribute because I learn from everybody.

On Bret Hart:
I think it’s awesome — I think it’s great. I think that’s another win for us. I think, you know, being able to talk to Spike TV and getting a chance to go up against the monster and Spike TV putting us on Monday Nights and letting us take this and having the fans — they’re going to have to make a choice on that night. And I think that’s a victory for us. The fact that Vince would do something he swore he would never do — bring Bret Hart back — you know, because I was originally supposed to host the Monday Night Raw in Madison Square Garden a couple of weeks ago, and then they wanted to shoot an angle with me and Vince and bring me back into the whole fold. So I think Bret Hart coming back, I’m happy for Bret.

It was a long and interesting interview as Hogan continues to paint a picture of how TNA will operate in 2010.

Full Interview

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