TNA Monday Night Rumors: Paul Heyman, Relationship w/Bischoff

One of the hottest rumors for TNA’s Monday Night Impact is the possibility that Paul Heyman could be on the show.

In a recent interview with PWTorch, Eric Bischoff was complimentary of Heyman.

Bischoff said: I like him. I think he’s extraordinarily creative and reasonly undisciplined. … I talked to him off and on over the years since he left and I left. He’s strong-willed, very creative, very opinionated, articulate, intelligent, but a bit of a loose cannon.

He also commented on the possibility of working together with Heyman in the future: …if there was ever a confluence of his creativity and some reasonable discipline, it would be frightening. I’d love to work with him some day.

On Wrestling Observer Radio Sunday night, Dave Meltzer reported that Heyman would not be on the show.

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