TNA Monday Night Rumors Round-Up: Flair, RVD, Goldberg, Jeff Hardy

The latest estimates is that there will be 6-7 new people as surprises on Impact on Monday Night.

So far it appears that Angelina Love, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman are three surprises, and Sting is expected to be on the show, which may or may not count depending on how we’re defining surprise.

Some big names are still up in the air – Ric Flair might appear on TNA or WWE or neither, and Rob Van Dam has given conflicting messages.

Jeff Hardy is expected to be in Orlando but it’s unclear whether he’ll appear on camera or just backstage.

Paul Heyman has been quiet in all of this, and Eric Bischoff is on record wanting to work with Heyman but as of now, it’s not expected he will be on the show Monday night.

Ken Anderson aka Ken Kennedy from WWE has been legally clear of his WWE non-compete for a while and is available to appear on Impact. He is one of the names expected to appear on the show.

Other rumored names are Sid Vicious (currently out with a leg injury), Goldberg (on record as being uninterested in a return to wrestling) and

credit: Wrestling Observer

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