10 Thoughts on Monday Night RAW for 01/04/2009

January 4th is finally here.  Here’s my 10 Thoughts on an historic RAW with your guest host Bret Hart.


  1. So good to hear “The Hitman’s” music and have him actually come out.  “Well, I guess hell froze over”, he says.
  2. Awesome they started the show with the Bret Hart/HBK confrontation.  I wanted to see the rivalry extended (and it still may) but it was a great segment and actually had a good “closure” moment.  Pulled on my heartstrings a bit.
  3. MVP won the Fatal Fourway to determine the #1 contender for the US Championship and I can’t figure out why.  We’ve already seen these two go and Miz needs a better feud.  And why have Swagger take the loss?  He puts on a great match with Cena and then gets buried on ECW and is the big loser tonight.
  4. The Jericho/Hart backstage segment was EPIC.  I love the acknowledgement of the history between the two.  Jericho is the best heel in so long.
  5. The DX backstage segment with Santino and Hornswoggle made me laugh.  Every week I say how DX makes me laugh and every week I acknowledge how stupid that is.  At least I’m consistent.
  6. Jericho does the Hogan “listen to the crowd bit” during the match and it goes totally unmentioned by the announce team.  Seriously?  Totally ignored?
  7. DX/JeriShow put on a great match but the wrong team won?  And did we really need Hornswoggle to be involved in the finish?  RAW will suffer without Chris Jericho.
  8. I like the Legacy switcheroo on Randy Orton.  They put him on the spot for a change but Orton comes through again.
  9. Stu Hart in the Hall of Fame is long overdue.
  10. What’s with the love fest between Vince McMahon and Bret Hart?  Oh yeah, there’s the cheap shot.  Nicely played.


Well, there’s my 10 cents.  See you next week, kids.

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