Glee Fall 2009 Review

Arguably this year’s biggest breakout show, Glee wrapped up the first half of its premiere season with all the self-described Gleeks begging for more. It’s one of those shows you have to watch to like. You hear about it and you’re skeptical. I know I was. A show about a high school glee club? I immediately thought—High School Musical. I was over that. But after watching the pilot, I got sucked into the Glee phenomenon, which lucky for us, is nothing like the Zac Efron Disney movie.

The casting played a huge part in the show’s success. Broadway alums and television newcomers Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison both earned well-deserved Emmy nods for their respective performances as the overachieving lead glee clubber and the sweet Spanish teacher. Michele’s outstanding vocal abilities and Morrison’s adorable charm kept us watching week after week.

Jane Lynch. Hands down the best-written and best-cast character this year. Sue Sylvester had me cracking up with her rude spontaneous remarks and not-so-fashionable staple tracksuits. She’s so deceptive and dare I say, perfectly evil. If anyone should win an Emmy, it’s Jane Lynch.

Finn (played by Cory Monteith) is the stereotypical jock whose passion and talent for performing emerged after being coerced into joining the glee club, which makes him the loveable doofus we all cheer for. Cory Monteith is clearly the least experienced when it comes to the singing and dancing, but has grown so much from the pilot. He’s endearing to watch and I love the chemistry between him and Rachel.

The rest of the cast is not only musically talented (Amber Riley anyone?!?), but hysterical. From all the tearful baby drama and lies to the outright powerful group and solo performances, Glee’s fall episodes were some of the best on television this past season. Some of my favorite storylines include Kurt’s coming out to his dad, the Puck/Rachel random hookup and the Artie-centric episode, “Wheels.” There’s always some bad with the good and the “Acafellas” storyline wasn’t my favorite.

But overall, Glee is a satirical comedy with a lot of heart and truth. It brings in a wide range of viewers because it has musical theatre, comedy and characters you can’t help but love. If you ask me, the show isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I could sit here and write about what I loved about every storyline, but you might as well watch them yourselves. The back 9 episodes will start April 13, 2010 and trust me, you’ll want to be in the loop of the show everyone’s talking about.

Stay tuned! In the coming months I will write about what we can expect for the rest of the season and we’ll squash and confirm any rumors!

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