10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 12/31/09

Well, this was our last episode of Impact before 2010. And also the last episode of Impact before Hulk Hogan shows up. An all Knockouts tournament to bring in the new year! Hope everyone out there had a great night and that so far, 2010 is treating you well.

10. Finally someone out there realizes how important women’s wrestling can be. Admittedly on the one night that the ratings will probably be lower because there will be less people watching, but ah well, at least they still did it.

9. Christy Hemme backstage really isn’t working for me. Maybe she’s going to improve over time, because at the moment, I’m not the biggest fan of putting her in that role.

8. Have to say that I’m really not sure what Traci is doing in this. And that’s made more confusing because there are no sightings on Alyssa Flash on this episode. Alyssa Flash is miles better that Traci.

7. Have to admit that I enjoyed watching The Beautiful People proving how blonde they truly are. Environment as two words aiy?

6. Every single time Lacey appears on Impact, I can’t be the only one who goes straight to wishing that Angelina Love were still on the roster.

5. For all the insane stunts that Daffney has been apart of in 2009, she is possibly the most deserving of a title shot. Hopefully at some stage in 2010 she’ll get her opportunity.

4. Really love how ODB refers to the Knockouts Champ as the Knocked Up Champ. Provides some entertaining mental pictures.

3. Out of the matches in this episode, I think I enjoyed the Hamada / Roxxi one the most. But I did have my fingers crossed that TNA would follow up with Roxxi getting that win over ODB a few weeks ago by at least having her in the final match of the tournament.

2. It really does make no sense why ODB won this tournament. We literally JUST saw Tara / ODB. Why not give us something different, like Tara / Hamada. It isn’t like they were running out of options of people to be #1 contender.

1. Appreciated ODB comparing TNA to WWE. It is true, Divas do wear very little, and they rarely do a decent match. Have to love them trying to get in any last shots on WWE before the 1/4 Impact.

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