2009 Pulse Wrestling Fantasy Draft: PPV Events and Final Voting Round

Second round voting results

IWCASPCWGAAGAFU: 6 votes (37.5%)
GNW-25: 3 votes (18.8%)
FFW: 2 votes (12.5%)
LAW: 5 votes (31.3%)

The results for the voting round of round two are above. The two fantasy companies that have been bold-faced and italicized will be moving on to the final round of the 2009 Pulse Wrestling Fantasy Draft. Right now, Big Andy Mac’s IWCASPCWGAAGAFU and Michael O’Mahony’s LAW will produce one final pay-per-view event. Following the final round, the man with the highest amount of votes will be declared the winner of the 2009 Draft.

Finalized rosters of every promotion can also be viewed at the bottom of this article. To back-track on the entire 2009 Pulse Wrestling Fantasy Draft, feel free to browse through my archives by clicking on my name at the top of the page.

Pay-per-view events

BIG ANDY MAC – International World Class All Star Professional Championship Wrestling Global Alliance and Grappling Arts Federation Unlimited (IWCASPCWGAAGAFU)

Here we are at the very first Pay-Per-View from International World Class All Star Professional Championship Wrestling Global Alliance and Grappling Arts Federation Unlimited. The Pay-Per-View is simply called Volume One and we start with Gabe Sapolsky and Raven running down the show. They start talking about the two big events for tonight the War Games match between Teddy Hart, Kevin Steen, El Generico, and IWCASPCWGAAGAFU tag team champions Roderick Strong and Jack Evans vs. Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Matt Bentley, and the Young Bucks of Matt and Nick Jackson. We get a highlight video showing the many brawls and great matches between these ten men including the two huge brawls during the Crockett Cup tournament. Gabe and Raven also let the fans know that we have another tournament tonight. This one is to crown the first ever IWCASPCWGAAGAFU champion. Jimmy Jacobs has already earned a bye to the six man elimination finals and we see a clip of him sneaking away with a victory against Takeshi Morishima and KENTA. The other five preliminary matches are as follows:

Jamie Noble vs. Player Dos

Jimmy Rave vs. Takeshi Morishima

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. YAMATO

Shingo vs. William Regal

KENTA vs. Player Uno

Gabe and Raven send it to the ring for…

Round One Match: KENTA vs. Player Uno

Player Uno has yet to come up on the winning side of things in IWCASPCWGAAGAFU and…he doesn’t here either. Almost before the bell can finish ringing KENTA hits Go 2 Sleep and scores the win. That wasn’t even ten seconds. KENTA makes the belt gesture around his waist and goes to the back. I guess this proves KENTA is not messing around.

Winner: KENTA via pinfall

Round Two Match: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. YAMATO

Winner: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson via ref stoppage

Jamie Noble with Prince Nana and Jimmy Rave vs. Player Dos

Dos fares better than his partner Uno using his speed and dazzling flying maneuvers to keep Noble on his toes. Noble uses his best efforts to ground Dos though and absolutely dominates him on the mat. Dos hits several hope spots and on a few occasions it seemed like he was going to be able to hold Noble down for the three. It was not to be though as Noble hit a Noble-Driver and then locked in the Royal Chariot Hitch (He doesn’t need a trailer anymore) to score the submission victory. This was another fun, short match.

Winner: Jamie Noble via submission

Prince Nana gets on the mic and says, “Now that one of my men is in the finals it is time for the Crown Jewel to begin his ascension toward the throne, bring out his opponent.”

Takeshi Morishima vs. Jimmy Rave with Prince Nana and Jamie Noble

Rave knows that he has a tall order in front of him but shows no fear. Morishima comes out with guns blazing and unloads on Rave. Rave actually withstands most of the onslaught but only grabs an advantage when Nana distracts the referee and Noble hits Morishima coming off the ropes. Rave keeps the Japanese behemoth down with stomps, kicks, and chokes. The Crown Jewel also goes hard after Morishima’s leg setting the stage for the Heel Hook. Any time Morishima starts to make his comeback Noble and Nana interject to keep Rave on top. Rave manages to hit Ghana-rhea and lock in the Heel Hook, but Morishima is just too big and too strong and rather than make the ropes he just shrugs Rave off hits a huge Back Drop Driver and just as the ref’s hand is about to hit for the three Nana pulls the ref out of the way. Rather than issue a disqualification the ref ejects Nana and Noble. During the distraction Rave hits a low blow and locks in a small package, but Morishima kicks out at the last second Rave tries to run but he gets caught in another Back Drop Driver and succumbs to the three count. Morishima earns the last spot in the finals.

Winner: Takeshi Morishima via pinfall

They shoot things over to Gabe and Raven for the rundown of the title tournament finals we have Jimmy Jacobs vs. KENTA vs. Shingo vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Jamie Noble vs. Takeshi Morishima. While they lower the cage we get comments from all six competitors.

Jimmy Jacobs says, “Finally things are going my way. I am no longer an afterthought. I am the focus. I am the main event. I am the voice for the voiceless. I’ve worked hard. I’ve taken all that Bret “the Hitman” Hart can throw at me. I beat Morishima although they said I cheated. Next week I beat Morishima and KENTA. I’ve proven that I deserve to be at the top of the mountain. Shingo, Noble, and Bryan Danielson don’t have a revolution behind them. They don’t have destiny behind them. They don’t have what I have behind them. All the wrestlers and all of the fans in attendance are going to see the members of my revolution rejoice when I raise my hand in victory.”

KENTA doesn’t talk at all. He just stares at the camera and again makes the belt gesture around his waist.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson doesn’t want to wait a lot of time talking but he says, “Starting with the main event on the first show, I have proven that I am one of the best wrestlers in the world. The next goal is to outlast these other five men and shut up the ‘voiceless’ Jimmy Jacobs. I am going to be the first IWCASPCWGAAGAFU.”

Through an interpreter Shingo says, “I have only begun to show the extent of my power. I am going to prove that I am the best Japanese wrestler in this company and win the IWCASPCWGAAGAFU title.”

Prince Nana says, “I’ve already made the reservations. I’ve already ordered the steak. The shrimp cocktail is already on ice. The party is about to start and Jamie Noble is going to bring the Embassy title gold.”

Noble follows up, “We go’n have all them fancy things and some good ole fashioned silver bullets in the cooler so I can celebrate my title win.”

Morishima is last and through his interpreter says, “I will win.”

Teddy Hart and his team are also in the back. Teddy Hart says, “I look around and I see a group of men that I would fight and die for. That may be what it comes down to tonight. Three Canadians, Two Americans, Two Dungeon Graduates, the most underrated wrestler in the world today trained by my uncle, and most importantly the IWCASPCWGAAGAFU Tag Team Champions. It’s a pretty impressive group. I have no doubt that we are going to win war Games and prove once and for all that Canada and the Hart family ARE professional wrestling.”

Kevin Steen adds, “I’ve been through cage matches and ladder wars. Now it’s time for WAR GAMES. Young Bucks, London, Kendrick, Bentley, There is nothing you can do to stop this machine. We are going to destroy every fiber of your being. The five of you will never wrestle again.”

Their opponents are also in their locker room and have some words about War Games. Paul London said, “I’ve talked about joining the swarm and two man pods and hybrid dolphins, but tonight all of the clever promos, amusing gimmicks, and jokes are aside. We couldn’t win the tag team battle, but we are going to win the war.”

Bentley adds, “Enough talk, it’s time to prove who the winner is.”

We go back to the ring and the cage has been lowered. It appears to be extra tall to allow for the flying nature of the ten men involved.

War Games: Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, Roderick Strong, Kevin Steen, and El Generico vs. Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Matt Bentley, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson

The first down for Hart’s team is Roderick Strong and from Bentley’s team is Paul London. These two men will have five minutes to go at each other in the two rings before the next man comes down. We know that it is going to be a member of the Hart squad.

London and Strong start brawling right away. It is pretty clear that despite the technical prowess on both sides this one is going to pretty much be a pure brawl. Strong unloads with chops clearly holding nothing back and London absorbs a tremendous amount of punishment. London comes back and uses his speed and is the first to use the cage to his advantage. Roderick is busted open and things don’t look good for the Messiah of the Backbreaker. Time ticks down to zero and he is about to get some help in the form of Jack Evans.

Evans provides just the boost the Strong needs as London is now down 2-1 against the Tag Team champions. Luckily he only has two minutes before the next entrant. Evans and Strong use their double team prowess to subdue London. Jack Evans shows his flying prowess by monkey bar climbing across the roof of the cage and dropping into a moonsault onto a prone London. The countdown gets to zero and Brian Kendrick is out to even the odds as we have a rematch from the Crockett Cup finals.

Kendrick gives London a much needs shot in the arm and delivers a huge sliced bread number 2 on Evans. Strong, still bleeding quite a bit, is now the brunt of London and Kendrick’s double team offense. Evans staggers to his feet and the two teams pair off. London unloads on Evans while Kendrick is able to keep Roderick at bay. They trade and Roderick gets revenge on London by throwing him into the cage and drawing blood as the clock indicates the arrival of Kevin Steen for Hart’s side.

Steen appears to be in his glory and attacks both of the Texas Wrestling Academy graduates. Steen and Strong provide a base for Jack Evans to unleash his flying maneuvers. The timer gets to zero and Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks evens up the odds.

Matt goes right after Steen and has the fury of a thousand suns behind him. Jackson is a little bit lost without his brother and tag team partner, but his similar in style teammates compliment his fast paced offense. London, bleeding like a stuck pig, attempts a shooting star press on Steen but he rolls out of the way and picks the stunned London up for the Package Pile Driver. Steen’s Pile Driver punctuated the buzzer announcing El Generico’s arrival in the match.

Hart’s two tag teams now have the 3-4 advantage and they use it to the full extent that they can. Kendrick joins London in the crimson mask club but fights on valiantly. Matt Jackson gets the heart award at this stage in the match if all ten men were in it could have been over as Matt was clearly knocked out after another Steen package pile driver. He managed to get to his feet and swing wildly to little effect. The buzzer sounds and Nick Jackson joins his brother Matt to even the odds.

This is tag team warfare at its finest arguably the four best tag teams in wrestling today are in the ring at the same time fighting each other tooth and nail. Steenerico is brawling with the Young Bucks, and the Tag champs are duking it out with London and Kendrick. Team TWA gets the advantage spurned on by the Young Bucks. London finally gets to hit his shooting star press on Steen, but Jack Evans comes back with a 630 splash on Kendrick. Steen eats a series of super kicks. Matt Jackson gets a wicked uranage backbreaker from Strong. El Generico gets leveled and hit with a 450 splash from Nick Jackson. Roderick gets hit with a Waffle Face from Paul London, but while he is down Jack Evans comes off the top with a flipping drop kick. Before Jack can recover Nick Jackson hits another 450 splash on Evans and all eight men are down as the buzzer sounds signaling Teddy Hart’s arrival.
Hart comes in and looks at the chaos just as Steen gets up. He order Steen to pick up Nick Jackson who eats a Hart Attack. Matt Jackson is next. Kendrick follows suit, but London is left down for Teddy Hart to hit a shooting star press of his own. Instead of capitalizing on their advantage Teddy Hart takes time to gloat as the buzzer runs down and we are even after Matt Bentley storms the ring with a chair. The ref tries to lock the door behind him, but he knocks him out of the way. The door is wide open and it is not long before the brawling spills out of the cage.

Teddy Hart climbs to the top of the cage to avoid the melee but is given chase by Bentley. The two nephews battle on top of the cage with Hart getting the better of things locking in a sharpshooter on Bentley. London tries to climb the cage to make the save but he is cut off by Jack Evans. Evans continues his ascension to the top of the cage and hits an astounding three rotation moonsault onto a pile of wrestlers below. Bentley looks like he is about to tap but somehow manages to reverse the sharpshooter on top of the cage. El Generico does make it to the top and makes the save. He delivers a brainbuster on top the cage and we can pretty much consider Bentley out of the match for the duration.

The men on the bottom make it back into the cage and the brawling continues. Kendrick shows his mean streak going after Roddy’s bloody forehead. As El Generico makes his trip down the cage, the Jacksons catch deliver stereo superkicks to his lower back as he reaches the bottom. Generico gets thrown into the ring. Steen gets clobbered by a chair and Generico is left alone. More Bang for your Buck connects followed by a London shooting star press. London then picks up Generico onto his shoulders and Kendrick hits a doomsday sliced bread number two. Generico is unconscious. The ref calls for the bell. The match is over. Teddy Hart sits atop the cage and watches in disbelief. He climbs down from the cage he gets into the ring and screams at an unconscious Generico, “You failed me. You failed Canada. You failed.” Steen tries to pull him off, but Hart calls him fat and kicks him in the balls. He ignores Jack Evans and Roderick Strong as he heads to the back.

Winners: Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Matt Bentley, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson via knockout

After that match we only have the World Title Elimination final.

IWCASPCWGAAGAFU World Title Six Man Elimination Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs. KENTA vs. Shingo vs. “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Jamie Noble vs. Takeshi Morishima

Bret Hart has come down to ringside to again act as a guest enforcer. He was enough of a presence to prevent interference in the Tag Title finals. It is only fitting that He also helps out here.

First Elimination: Almost immediately the five men gang up on Jimmy Jacobs, not so much because he is a threat, but because he is just that disliked by everyone. Jacobs manages to escape to the outside and attention turns to Takeshi Morishima. KENTA hits Go 2 Sleep on the big man Shingo hits the last Falconry and afterwards Noble locks in the Royal Chariot Hitch while Dragon locks in Cattle Mutilation. Morishima is in a bad situation and has no choice but to tap out. Takeshi Morishima is the first eliminated.

Second Elimination: Jacobs comes back into the fray and goes after KENTA. KENTA gets the better of the situation and Jacobs begs off again. Danielson targets Noble while Shingo attempts to eliminate KENTA. KENTA and Shingo take center stage and unload on each other. KENTA hits a bridging Tiger Suplex on Shingo and Jacobs once again comes off the top rope with a huge senton onto KENTA. The Japanese star once again can’t kick out and is the second person eliminated.

Third Elimination: While KENTA was being pinned by Jacobs, Bryan Danielson had trapped Jamie Noble in the elbows and when the ref turned around Noble was limp and being bludgeoned by the elbows of Danielson. For Noble’s safety, the ref stops the match and Noble has been eliminated.

Fourth Elimination: …and then there were three. Either Shingo, Bryan Danielson or Jimmy Jacobs will be the first IWCASPCWGAAGAFU champion. Jacobs surprisingly goes right at Danielson instead of hanging in the background. It is Shingo that is content to watch while the other two weaken each other. Danielson notices and goes after the powerful man from the East. Neither man has any loyalty to one another and it shows as neither gang up on the third nor does anyone try to break up pinfalls. Shingo hits the last Falconry on Jacobs but somehow Jacobs kicks out. Danielson takes the momentary delay to hit the Regal-Plex on Shingo and score the pinfall gaining a modicum of revenge for his mentor.

Final Elimination: The last two men are Jimmy Jacobs and Bryan Danielson. Surprisingly Jacobs did not take the cowards path here mixing it up the entire way almost as much as Danielson. The American Dragon clearly has the fans support here, though. Any attempt at a dueling chant is almost immediately drowned out in favor of Danielson. Jacobs does not let this discourage himself. He does get distracted yelling at the fans saying that his fans are the voiceless and they will be heard. Every moment of Jacobs distraction is an advantage for Danielson. Danielson locks in the surfboard, but Jacobs won’t quit. Jacobs makes the ropes during Cattle Mutilation. Danielson props Jacobs up for the super belly-to-back suplex but Jacobs counters it to a super Contra Code! Jacobs makes the cover, but Danielson somehow gets his shoulder up at the last second. Dragon recovers and hits the Regal-Plex but that also only nets a two count. Jacobs recovers from the kick out and locks in the End Time and the bell rings. The camera pans back and we see that it was Bret Hart signaling for the bell. Apparently Jimmy Jacobs has won the first IWCASPCWGAAGAFU world championship.

Winner: Jimmy Jacobs via ref stoppage???

Bret Hart takes the microphone and gets in the face of the very confused Danielson. “I had seen enough. Do you really think that you could have escaped? Do you really think a man deserving as Jimmy Jacobs could be denied.” Jacobs looks stunned but the shoots the Hitman a knowing smile.

Bret Continues, “Do you really think I would let my old enemy’s star pupil walk out of here with the title?”

Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, and Roderick Strong make their way to the ring. Bret looks at his nephew and says, “It’s time, Ted. Get your Revenge.” At this the three of them unload on Danielson. Bret continues, “Jimmy you kept talking about providing a voice for the voiceless. That’s a feeling I can identify with. My voice never got heard in the way I wanted. It never got the audience it deserves. I am giving you the chance I was denied. You get to have your voice heard. You get to be the focus. You get to be in the limelight.”

Hart, Evans, and Strong hold up Danielson. Jacobs takes his trusty spike and drive it into the face of the American Dragon. Jacobs takes the mic and says, “Bret, I always knew we were kindred spirits. We both know struggle. We both know pain. Now it is our team to lead the revolution forward. No one can stop us.”

The five men celebrate as the inaugural IWCASPCWGAAGAFU Pay-Per-View comes to a close.

MICHAEL O’MAHONY – Lost Art Wrestling (LAW)

We open with a video package hyping a triple threat match for the LAW World Heavyweight Championship. It features highlights of the Michaels/Muta match from the first TV show intercut with Swagger’s comments about Kojima’s travel arrangements and the LAW conspiracy. This segues into Kojima’s attack on Muta and then Matt Striker’s announcement of last week’s tag match. The highlights then focus on the beating laid on Muta during the tag match, with Kojima’s high impact offense set to Swagger’s boasting of Kojima’s achievements. Then the blind tag and repeated showing of the Rydeen Bomb on Michaels followed by the three count. Shots of all three men as a voiceover tells us that three legendary competitors with a score to settle will meet in the ring tonight under elimination rules. At stake? The coveted LAW Heavyweight Championship, currently held by Shawn Michaels.

But is there a conspiracy? More shots of Swagger’s in-ring interview and accusations, then Michelle McCool and Angelina Love talking about Manami Toyota and offering Taylor Wilde a truce, highlights of the attacks on Television Champion Shelton Benjamin and the brawl between almost the entire female roster. Then Striker’s denial leading into his comments about what LAW is supposed to be all about intercut with action featuring Alex Shelley, Naomichi Marafuji, Kenny Omega, Petey Williams, Kaz Hayashi, and BxB Hulk.

We’re go with pyro and a capacity crowd going nuts for the company’s first PPV. At ringside, your commentators are Mike Tenay and Mick Foley, and they’re excited about the unbelievable line-up we’ll be witnessing tonight. Here’s a rundown.

LAW World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. The Great Muta vs. Satoshi Kojima

LAW World Television Championship
Shelton Benjamin vs. Jack Swagger

LAW Women’s Championship
Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim

Naomichi Marufuji & The Amazing Red vs. Alex Shelley & Kaz Hayashi

Michelle McCool & Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney & Misaki Ohata

Petey Williams vs. Kenny Omega

Manami Toyota vs. Angelina Love

But first, prepare yourself for the Greatest Entrance In All Of Wrestling. Here comes BxB Hulk for our opening contest…

Match 1: BxB Hulk vs. Claudio Castagnoli
Hulk works the crowd with his cheesy dance moves, while Claudio makes his way slowly down to the ring, disgusted at the behavior of his opponent and attempting to bring some class back to the proceedings. The match starts off fast, with Hulk hitting a series of dropkicks and armdrags leading into a sequence where he holds onto a headlock, despite all of Claudio’s attempts to wriggle free. Claudio finally takes control with a European Uppercut and draws major babyface heat on Hulk, using his superior size to lay a serious beatdown on the smaller man. Hulk finally comes back with several fast pinfall attempts and then almost wins it with a springboard spinning wheel kick, with Castagnoli just barely raising a shoulder before the three. Hulk hits the ropes, and Claudio meets him with an elbow and then hits the Very European Uppercut for another close two. Ricola Bomb gets two and Castagnoli can’t believe it. He climbs to the top rope, but Hulk meets him there and delivers a spectacular rana. Back to the top for the BxB Star Press, which nets another two count, with Claudio just barely rolling the shoulder. Hulk picks him up, looking for the BxB Smash, but Castagnoli spins out of it and straight into the Roaring Swiss Uppercut. 1…2…3.

Back to Tenay and Tazz, who talk about what a great opener that was and how Castagnoli seems to have rebounded from his back-to-back losses to Shelton Benjamin. A great performance from BxB Hulk, too, who has shown he’s more than just flashy dance moves. Look for great things from this young performer in the future.

Angelina Love Interview
Angelina Love doesn’t care about reputations. She doesn’t care if you’re some skinny rookie stepping through the ropes for the first time, or a ring-scarred veteran from decades past. What she does care about is winning. When she beats Manami Toyota tonight, she’ll show that not only is she every bit as good as all those AJW women she keeps hearing about, but that she should be next in line for a shot at the Women’s Championship.

Love/Toyota Video
Footage from the first week’s TV show, when Love mocked Misaki Ohata and Manami Toyota rocked her with a right hand. Then week two’s Women’s Championship match and Toyota’s stunning performance against Awesome Kong. Then Love’s attack and the brawl that followed.

One is a legend, a competitor in some of the greatest women’s matches in history. The other is staking her claim for a place among LAW’s elite. This grudge match is for bragging rights, to settle a score, and to determine a #1 contender for the Women’s Championship.

Match 2: Manami Toyota vs. Angelina Love
Love comes to the ring accompanied by Michelle McCool and Taylor Wilde, who has undergone a minor makeover. It’s nothing too heavy, just enough to bring her into line with the glamor of her new partners. Toyota comes to the ring alone, bringing only her presence.

Toyota starts hard and fast, bringing Love down with a series of strikes and then a quick back suplex. After a two count, Love rolls to the outside and confers with her entourage. This sets the pattern for the opening minutes of the match, with Love unable to counter Toyota’s offense and playing heel by repeatedly leaving the ring. She finally sees an opening and drags Toyota to the outside, where she hurls her into the ringpost and then rolls back into the ring, where she distracts the official while Michelle McCool chokes out Toyota and then whips her at Taylor Wilde, who delivers a back elbow and then rolls Toyota into the ring. Love then takes over, taking her time over a series of moves that work over the head and neck, defaulting to a rear chinlock when she needs to. Toyota does face-in-peril like few can, selling Love’s offense like she’s feeling every match of her long and illustrious career.

After an enzuigiri, Love calls for the finish, setting Toyota for the Lights Out. Toyota reverses and hits the stunning Japanese Ocean Queen Bee Bomb. Love is motionless. Toyota plays to the crowd and bounces off the ropes. Instead of going after Love, however, she nails a suicide dive onto McCool and Wilde, taking them out. It takes Toyota some time to recover from this, and by the time she re-enters the ring, Love is stumbling to her feet. They exchange blows, and when Toyota stumbles back into the ropes, Love hits a bicycle kick. She goes up as if for a moonsault, but Toyota follows and the brutal and rarely seen Victory Star Drop kills Love dead for a Manami Toyota win.

Benjamin/Swagger Video
Striker introduces the Television Championship back in week one. Swagger swears he’ll make an impact. Shelton defeats Claudio Castagnoli with Paydirt, then Swagger and Castagnoli attack. Shelton shakes it off to beat Claudio a second time in week two, but then Swagger earns a TV title shot when his blind tag and Kojima’s Rydeen bomb bring victory in their tag match.

Match 3 – World Television Championship: Shelton Benjamin vs. Jack Swagger
Tenay calls this a battle of the next generation’s legends. He says you never can tell where people’s careers will go, but both of these men have tremendous athletic backgrounds, look like stars, and have shown themselves to be accomplished performers in the ring.

Jack Swagger offers a handshake and tells Shelton there’s no hard feelings. Shelton laughs and then rocks the challenger with right hands, taking control of the match until Swagger hits a gutbuster. The two-time All-American works over Shelton’s abdomen and then locks in an abdominal stretch, using the ropes for leverage whenever the referee’s attention is otherwise engaged. Benjamin finally hiptosses his way free, but the damage has clearly been done, and every time Shelton seems to be gaining momentum, Swagger comes back with a strike to the gut that immediately incapacitates the champion and enables him to regain the advantage. Finally, Shelton manages to fight his way out of Swagger’s clutches to hit a devastating release German suplex. Swagger staggers to his feet and falls against the turnbuckle. Shelton signals to the crowd and goes for the Stinger Splash. Swagger moves, Shelton eats a Doctor Bomb, and we have a new LAW World Television Champion.

Great Muta Interview
Backstage, Muta stares into the camera and says nothing, breathing hard and looking pissed. Beneath the paint, his face is locked in a sneer. Finally, he speaks just one word. “Kojima.”

Match 4: Taylor Wilde & Michelle McCool vs. Daffney & Misaki Ohata
Wilde and McCool make their way down the aisle first, and Daffney jumps them before they can reach the ring. Ohata is with her, but she seems unsettled by Daffney’s violent assault, and doesn’t really join in until they’re actually in the ring. Daffney hits a Cactus Jack style clothesline on Taylor Wilde, sending them both to the outside and leaving Ohata and McCool in the ring. This signals the start of the match proper, and McCool takes control on Ohata, working her over while Wilde finally escapes Daffney and the two return to their corners. McCool and Wilde make quick tags, cutting off the ring to focus on Ohata for a long heat segment. After a few false starts, Ohata finally gets across to make the hot tag to Daffney, who charges in to brawl with the heels, knocking McCool to the outside and whipping Taylor Wilde into the turnbuckles for a vicious clothesline in the corner. Wilde staggers out and into a Shining Wizard. Daffney tags out to Ohata, who nails her own Shining Wizard and then locks in the cross arm breaker for a big reaction from the crowd, who saw this same move beat Wilde last week. McCool makes the save, Daffney attacks her, and it breaks down into a brawl, with the referee struggling to maintain control. McCool executes the Faith Breaker on Ohata and then rolls to the outside. Daffney gives chase, while Wilde picks Ohata up and pins her with a pitch-perfect bridging German Suplex.

Petey Williams Interview
Williams is in the back, where ever since his match with Kenny Omega last week, his friends have been telling him how great it must have been to get in the ring with another Canadian and have such an awesome match. Petey Williams isn’t too worried about having awesome matches. What he is worried about is climbing to the top of LAW, and if he has to do that off the backs of the likes of Kenny Omega, no big deal. Canadian wrestling has a long and storied tradition of producing great champions and great wrestlers like…well…Petey Williams. If he wanted to see some douchebag pulling moves from a videogame, he’d go watch it on YouTube. Williams is proud to represent Canada in the ring, and he’s going to go and do that right now by doing everybody a favor and getting rid of Kenny Omega.

Match 5: Petey Williams vs. Kenny Omega
Omega is out first, and it’s clear he’s developing a cult following in LAW. This obviously displeases Williams, who appears aggravated with the crowd just as soon as he gets in the ring. While Williams is distracted, Omega is channeling his ‘psychic energies’, and when Petey turns around, he gets hit in the chest with a Hadouken, much to the delight of the crowd. Omega takes control in the early-going, with Williams scrambling to keep up and his temper getting the better of him. Now that Omega knows how to get into Petey’s head, he uses his cutesy gestures and moves even more than usual, and after Kenny does his Flash Man’s Time Stopper spot, Williams actually grabs the referee and screams at him to do something about it. This is, of course, a ruse, and Petey uses the distraction to clothesline Omega down and then go to work with kicks and stomps. He utilizes a cradle DDT and a Russian Legsweep to put Omega down, then sets for the Canadian Destroyer. Kenny comes back with a backdrop and then a standing moonsault for two. He picks Petey up and hits Aoi Shoudou for two. Omega to the top and a 450 splash gets a big pop and another two. Omega looks for Croyt’s Wrath, but Petey drops behind and grabs a waistlock. Omega goes behind on this and executes a release Dragon Suplex. Petey is in dream land, and a second Croyt’s Wrath gets the pin for Omega.

Kong/Kim Video
Some competitors are just natural rivals. As much as they hate each other, it’s clear to everyone who sees them compete that they bring out the best in one another. For every protagonst, an antagonist, and for every champion, a challenger. Cut to shots of the Kim/Kong brawls from the last two weeks set to a sweet soundtrack.

Match 6 – LAW Women’s Championship: Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim
Kim is straight in with a dropkick from the top rope and she is on fire, hauling a stunned Kong to her feet and knocking her back into the ropes with punches and kicks. Kong is staggered, and Kim dropkicks her all the way to the outside. Gail Kim hits the ropes and then comes right over the top with a plancha onto Kong, wiping out both women. As the referee begins to count, they brawl around the ringside area. Gail sets Kong against the barricade and charges. Kong moves out of the way and Gail is in the first row. Kong breaks the count, then heads back to drag the challenger into the ring. She Awesome Bombs Kim. Then picks her up and does it a second time. Then a third. This one is academic. Kong gets the three count.

After the match, we spend several minutes at ringside, where Gail Kim is strapped to a gurney and taken to a waiting ambulance. Tenay and Tazz talk about how Gail Kim really took it to Kong in the early going, but that Kong’s a monster. Before too long, Tazz reminds us, we’ll be seeing Kong and Toyota for the Women’s Championship again. Tazz hopes Toyota is learning a lesson from this.

Shawn Michaels Interview
Shawn hates to get in the middle of a good fight, and he has no doubt that Kojima and Muta are about to have a good fight, but there is the small matter of the LAW World Heavyweight Championship, which he holds. Then there’s the fact that this match is elimination rules, and since he’s going to win, that leaves only the question of who he wants to be left with. See, he owes Kojima for last week, and Muta could help him out with that, get the other guy out the way so they can have a rematch of their fight in week one. Then again, if he gets rid of Muta first, he can have Kojima all to himself and show everyone that the pinfall in last week’s was just a happy accident. Decisions, decisions.

Marufuji, Shelley, Hayashi, Red Video
Highlights from the first two weeks of LAW programming, in which these four men put on some spectacular matches. In the midst of that, Shelley acted as antagonist, slapping Marufuji in the face at the conclusion of their match in week one, then distracting him for Hayashi during week two. Hayashi defeated the plucky underdog Red in week one, and these two high-fliers have teamed up to settle things.

Match 7: Naomichi Marufuji & The Amazing Red vs. Alex Shelley and Kaz Hayashi
Red and Shelley start the match, with Shelley swiftly taking the advantage. When Red scores with a quick series of kicks and then a slam, he tags in Marufuji and Shelley scrambles to his corner to tag in Hayashi. Marufuji and Hayashi exchange offensive strikes and there’s no room for wear-down holds here. This is next-gen cruiserweight action at its finest, a mixture of strikes, chain wrestling, and high impact aerials that showcases what all four men are capable of. The story of the match is Shelley avoiding Marufuji, with the heels attempting to isolate Red and keep Marufuji out of the ring. Whenever Naomichi gets a tag and Shelley is the legal man, he’s out in a flash, usually with Marufuji pursuing. Finally, Marufuji catches Hayashi with a Tiger Flowsion that gets a close two, Instead of following up on the move, he tosses the limp Hayashi into his corner, raises his hand to Shelley, and beckons him in. Shelley, left without much choice, tags himself in and faces off with Marufuji. He attempts to take control with a boot to the mid-section, but Marufuji catches it, and then strikes with a series of brutal kicks. He takes it to Shelley, the crowd cheering the sight of the heel getting his just deserts as Marufuji goes through his signature moves, finally setting Shelley for the Shiranui. Of course, Shelley knows this move just as well, and he pushes Marufuji off, crotching him on the top turnbuckle. Shelley follows in with an enzuigiri that echoes through the arena and then a double-knee backbreaker. Marufuji slumps to the mat, and Shelley covers him with his feet on the ropes. The referee notices this at two and stops the count. As Shelley protests, Red springboards in with a spectacular dropkick almost the full length of the ring. Marufuji stumbles to his feet and climbs with an agonizing lack of speed to the top rope, where he hits a huge frog splash on Shelley for the three count.

Video promo – What Does It Mean To Be World Champion?
This is a short segment where LAW stars talk about the world championship and what it means to them as wrestlers. There are candid shots of the performers answering the question cut with shots of Michaels/Muta from week one and the champ celebrating with his title. It also shows Muta’s lingering glance at the belt after Michaels beat him.

Match 8 – LAW World Heavyweight Championship: Shawn Michaels vs. The Great Muta vs. Satoshi Kojima
Kojima is out first, and he has come as The Great Koji! Tenay puts over how Kojima created the persona as sort of a tribute to Muta, but it’s clear that he is using it to mock him here. They then talk about the impact Kojima has made since the fiasco with his travel arrangements in week one. Michaels and Muta have plenty of weapons to worry about when they’re in the ring with this man, but most devastating of all is the lariat that Kojima learned from Stan Hansen himself. Both opponents have felt the effects of that move, and both are still recovering.

Kojima steps into the ring. As he poses, the lights go out. When they come back up, Muta is firing away on his rival. The crowd goes nuts, and when the champion’s music hits and Shawn comes charging out, the intensity seems to rise a notch further. Muta and Michaels double-team Kojima as Tenay reminds us once again that this is elimination rules, and that the first man to submit or be pinned will be out of the match, leaving the other two to compete for the championship. There will be no disqualifications or count-outs. Almost as he says this, Muta goes to spray the green mist in Kojima’s eyes. Kojima ducks, and Michaels collapses to the canvas, clutching at his eyes as he rolls out of the ring. Muta is shocked, and distracted just long enough for Kojima to strike. As Muta turns around, Koji spits mist into Muta’s eyes. As Muta staggers, he hits a devastating lariat and then the CCD. Muta is out, and Kojima covers him for the three.

Kojima wastes no time celebrating. As the ring announcer lets the crowd know that Muta is out of this thing, Kojima rolls to the outside, where he stands poised as Michaels gets slowly to his feet, still trying to wipe green mist from his face. Kojima takes Shawn out with another vicious lariat, then rolls him into the ring. 1…2…and Shawn gets the shoulder up. Kojima is pissed, and he unleashes hell on the champ, focusing on the head by following a jumping DDT with a Brainbuster and then another cover. This one has the audience on their feet, but Shawn lifts his shoulder from the mat at the very last moment. Kojima drags him to his feet for a sit-out powerbomb and another close two count. Shawn isn’t moving, and Tenay and Tazz don’t know how much more of this the champ can take. Kojima is just brutalizing him.

Satoshi Kojima whips Shawn into the ropes, but the champion comes out with a flying forearm. He kips up and the crowd reacts. Kojima to his feet and Shawn plants him with a slam. He goes to the top and hits the flying elbow for two. Kojima is groggy and Shawn is tuning up the band, still wiping at his face with his forearm as he does. Superkick is ducked by Kojima. Rydeen Bomb! 1…2…and Shawn is out again. Kojima’s face is a picture of disbelief. As Shawn uses the ropes to pull himself up, Kojima looks at his arm and then at the crowd. He charges Michaels, who drops down and pulls the top rope, sending Kojima tumbling to the outside. Shawn climbs to the top turnbuckle and throws himself at Kojima, who avoids the leap at the last second. Shawn crashes into the barrier and he’s busted open, blood pouring from a wound in his forehead. Kojima drags him into the ring. There is a smile on his face as he points back towards the curtain, and when he executes a backbreaker on Michaels, it’s clear that he is still mocking Muta. As the champ lies bloody and beaten on the mat, Kojima ascends the turnbuckles and goes for a moonsault. Michaels brings up the knees! Kojima staggers back, bent double and clutching his stomach. Now Michaels points to the curtain, and then launches himself off the ropes. Shining Wizard! Kojima is dazed, and Shawn tunes up the band one more time. Sweet Chin Music connects, and Shawn falls on top of Kojima for the three-count.

After the match, Muta makes his way back down to ringside. He has wiped off his face paint, and when he extends his hand to Michaels, it is as Keiji Muto. As Michaels celebrates with his belt, Muto walks to the ropes and locks eyes with the retreating Kojima. This is one feud that’s far from over.

End Of Show

Will you choose Big Andy Mac’s IWCASPCWGAAGAFU or Michael O’Mahony’s LAW? The winner will be crowned the official champion of the 2009 Pulse Wrestling Fantasy Draft. One vote per reader. Deadline to vote is Saturday, January 9th, 2010 around noon.

May the best man win.

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