Inside Pulse WWE Superstars recap for 01/07/10

Gail Kim def. Jillian Hall: This match is part of the tournament to crown a new Divas Champion after Melina was forced to vacate the title due to injury. Jillian tries to sing a song before the match but eventually Gail’s entrance stops the pain. Kim starts off trying to work the arm but Hall is quickly out of that and in control with a side headlock. After both divas trade knockdowns, Gail dodges an attack in the corner and lands a couple of strikes before going up top and hitting a high crossbody for a quick two count. Gail follows with a hurricanrana but misses an attack in the corner and thanks to Jillian ends up hitting ringpost as a result. Jillian takes full advantage of this opportunity by getting Kim back in the ring and covering her for a nearfall. She follows up with a backbreaker and another cover for a long two count. As Jillian continues to dish out the punishment but is slow to follow up and slow to cover out of each attack and it may be costing her. After one of those failed pin attempts, Gail is able to roll her up out of nowhere and hold her down for the three count. Kind of a lame finish.

Ted Dibiase def. Chris Masters: Masters continues to be accompanied to ringside by Eve and Dibiase by promotion for the Marine 2. Ted Jr quickly goes to work on the left leg of Masters but when he goes for a leg lock down on the mat, Chris is able to lock on the Masterlock. Dibiase quickly makes the ropes and takes a brief break outside before returning to action. However Ted has clearly not learned his lesson because he is soon caught in the hold again before needing the ropes to escape. Masters then tries to power his way into control of the match with a slam but Ted is quickly back to his feet and nails him with a clothesline. After wearing Masters down for a bit, Ted locks on an odd chinlock but Chris fights out of it and makes a big comeback. Dibiase tries to fight off the barrage of clotheslines but gets caught in a powerslam for a nearfall. Masters signals for his finisher but Dibiase is able to escapes quickly only to get immediately locked in it again. But Ted continues to fight and is able to escape again by sending Masters into the turnbuckle as he dives out of the ring. With Chris wobbly, Dibiase quickly returns to the ring and nails him with Dream Street for the pinfall victory.

Yoshi Tatsu def. Caylen Croft: Goldust is accompanying Yoshi to ringside as Croft’s partner Trent Baretta does the same for him. I honestly have not seen Croft in action before since I don’t watch much ECW. We get a brief exchange on the mat but Yoshi is soon dumped outside of the ring and we hit a commercial break. When we return to action, Croft has remained in control and is successfully grounding his opponent. After a long sequence with a headlock, Yoshi is finally able to fight back to his feet only to have his legs sweeped and returned to the mat to fall victim to another headlock. Yoshi fights up again and nails a series of kicks and a knee strike in the corner. Tatsu follows with a snapmare-ish bulldog and another kick Croft is up and nails something like an STO that gets a long two count. He then goes to the top rope, but is caught by Yoshi who attempts a Frankensteiner but Croft is able to hold on the ropes to block it. Caylen covers but is only able to get two out of it so he lifts him for a neck breaker and that gets another nearfall. Once both men are back to their feet, Yoshi is able to nail a kick that the announcers call “The Kick” and it is enough for him to cover Croft for a three count.

Finlay def. Mike Knox: Knox quickly gains the early advantage in the match up by tossing Fit down during their initial lock-up attempts. However once Mike goes for a suplex Finlay fires back and is able to get in some angry Irish offense. Knox briefly turns the tide with a bicycle kick that sends Fit out of the ring. But as he tires to follow him out, Finlay trips him and he meets the announce table head first. However Knox rebounds quickly and hits Finlay with a slam outside the ring and climbs back in to see if his opponent can make the ten count. Finlay is able to climb back into the ring but Knox is quickly back on the attack to maintain his advantage in the match. Fit hits a jawbreaker and tries to get himself some space to recover but when he tries to go airborne for some offense; he gets caught and slammed by Knox. Finlay is able to fight back again hitting a butt splash for a two count and following that with his Rolling Thunder for another nearfall. Knox recovers to hit his meaty crossbody and that garners him a 2.8 count. Knox uncovers one of the turnbuckles with deadly intentions but when the ref discovers this and turns his back to fix the issue, Finlay takes advantage and nails him with his shillelagh and covers him for the win.

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