Big Show Has A Few Words For The Young Talent

WWE Superstar The Big Show, who is well known for becoming a fat-ass and seemingly doing the least he can in his matches, had some choice words for the younger talent. He claims the guys of his generation “scratched and clawed to the penthouse from the outhouse.”

So, is scratching and clawing mean being discovered by Hulk Hogan while you’re sitting at a basketball game? Is that it? Then coming into a company, and gaining so much weight that Kevin Nash drops you on your head, is that it?

“These guys need to step up. If there was a young guy who could step up, Vince (McMahon) would push them in a heartbeat, they’ve got every opportunity in the world to grab the ring and get to the top.”

Yeah, that’s true. Especially when they’d  bust their ass to get out of the mid-card and then get the lucky draw of being in a feud with Triple H. Booker T, Kane, Jericho, and Orton these days. Jericho had to leave the business and reinvent himself to get past the whole being-Stephanie’s driver-while-she-feuded-with-Triple H ordeal. Orton was on fire until Triple H helped him really elevate himself with their incredible feud in 2009.

Most young talent these days bust their ass harder than any generation before them. Because these guys grew up loving wrestling. Respecting wrestling. They weren’t body builders who thought “why not try to make some bucks wrestling?”. They’re out there killing themselves day in and day out.

“We don’t complain about flights. We don’t complain about not going home. We don’t complain about having an hour’s sleep and then doing interviews at 5 a.m.,” Show said. “That’s why we’re on top — because we step up to the plate and do whatever it takes to make the company succeed.”

“Look at John Cena — he is singularly the hardest working guy in our business. I flat out have so much respect for John and the work ethic that he puts in. He might not go home for two months between wrestling shows, interviews, appearances and charity work,” Show said. “And that’s the thing that John Cena has above everyone else — it comes down completely to work ethic.”

Really, Show? You do whatever it takes? Is that’s why you’ve been depushed before because of your refusal to lose weight?

“I really do think that is strange, and it plagues a lot of older guys in the locker room. We can’t understand why they are not taking these opportunities. But let them be content. I’ll stay on top!”

Yeah, look at CM Punk. He delivered in the ring consistently, had rocking promos and a heel character. But uh, he didn’t wear suits or something bizarre so he was crushed by The Undertaker. Yeah, young guys, why don’t you step up!

CREDIT: James Caldwell of PW Torch

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