Mick’s Only Concern With Monday’s Impact

In his most recent blog, Mick commented that his only real concern with last Monday’s Impact was that “too many big things happened”. He was thought perhaps that fans wouldn’t be able to digest things because as soon as one thing happened, another 5 Hour Energy Bottle came on screen…err, I mean, soon as one thing happened, another thing happened.

“If I had one fault with the show, it would simply be that there were so many big things happening, so quickly, that I’m not sure our television audience had a chance to digest and appreciate all of them,” Foley said on his TNA blog today. “Hopefully, we will find a way to make the most out of all these big surprises in the upcoming weeks; to continue the momentum that Monday afforded us, and to keep that buzz going.”

Mick also added that he may have played a hand in Ric Flair signing with TNA.

“A couple nights after Christmas, I had a phone conversation with Ric Flair, during which I strongly recommended he make the switch,” Foley said. “I’m not sure what difference, if any, my words had, but I think Ric will feel right at home in the ‘Impact Zone’ and on Spike.”

If you ask me, it wasn’t just that too many things happened that screwed the show up. There was ONE decent match in 3 hours of the whole program. At the top of the show they ran down the night’s card, and it sounded sweet. Of course, it was bait-and-switch because Eric tore up the program sheet! Oh goodness, what a shoot. We had Hulk Hogan rambling on about ‘the young guys’ getting their shot. Which meant Val Venis, The Nasty Boys, and The nWo. I mean, 3D vs. Nasty? Outsiders vs. Beer Money? This is the new guys getting a shot? Puh-lease. No one was able to finish a promo that night, because random people would just saunter on in while someone was talking. Hell, at one point I was watching AJ Styles talk, and all of a sudden I just happened to walk on screen and call him BJ Styles. The show was so random, I was able to break the laws of physics and appear in two places at once. Which I was able to do THANKS TO 5 HOUR ENERGY DRINK!