Survivor Series Buyrate Down 30%

225,000 is the buy-rate that came in for the 2009 Survivor Series that was headlined by Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H vs. John Cena. Quite a low number, especially when compared to previous years.

319,000 was the number for 2008’s Survivor Series, which is a cool 29.5 percent difference. Although last year did have a bit of a trump card with a returning Cena facing super-heel Chris Jericho. On a side-note, when Jericho wore the World Heavyweight Title around his waist, didn’t he look naked? Because he’s a smaller dude, and was rocking the trunks, it always looked like he was coming down to wrestle in just his boots.

2007 drew a cool 341,000 buys, which is a 34% difference. But 2007 had two great matches going in, Orton vs. Michaels, where Shawn couldn’t superkick, and Orton couldn’t get DQ’ed. Taker and Batista aimed to settle their feud inside Hell in a Cell, and we had a returning Edge.

Perhaps it’s because this year’s build-up to the main event didn’t even exist, and instead we got a bunch of lame crap from a dead-on-it’s-feet-group of 40 somethings trying in vain to be ‘hip’ and ‘edgy’ whilst they have a little person begging to be in the group. Captivating.

CREDIT: <a href= target=new>James Caldwell of PW Torch</A>