10 Thoughts on ROH on HDNet – 01.11.2010

1. ROH should have saved Strong vs. Davey for this week. ROH fans are, above all else, wrestling fans, and had to have appreciated the historical significance of last week. With RAW and iMPACT going head-to-head, even the most devoted of the ROHBots probably split his attention between WWE and TNA. Why would ROH then waste such a great match-up on a night where it played THIRD fiddle in wrestling world?

2. Why the hell would Necro not bring some backup with him for his match tonight? I know he’s not supposed to be the smartest cookie in the jar, but even he had to know Joey Ryan would have the Embassy in tow with him for an Anything Goes Match.

3. The crowd couldn’t care any less about Erick Stevens’ heel turn. I don’t know if the “match”, which was just a long, drawn-out beatdown, sucked out the crowd’s energy, but there just NO reaction. Also, it’s probably time to end this Necro/Embassy feud, as it’s been dragging for who knows how long.

4. I have mixed feelings on Steen and Generico’s split right now. I like both of them as singles competitors (though am concerned they may get lost in the shufle), and their partnership had probably run its course. However, with the Young Bucks’ departure, ROH is looking mighty thin on credible babyface tag teams. Thankfully, the heel teams can chase the Briscoes for a while.

5. I am usually amused by Colt Cabana’s in-match comedy antics, but not this time. In his pre-match promo, he came across as very concerned about Steen and Generico’s split, so you would have expected him to be preoccupied, and therefore more serious than usual. Plus, his antics really seemed to keep the match from getting into any kind of flow.

6. I think having Steen come in and beat down Colt Cabana after Cabana’s match would have been a more effective away of establishing Steen’s heeldom (yes, it’s a word) than putting him in a squash match, and it would have made me feel better about seeing Cabana in such a nothing match.

7. It’d be a smart move to put Steen and Steve Corino together. Corino is a strong promo and would be a good mouthpiece for Steen, and it would keep Corino’s wrestling appearances limited.

8. I hate Kenny Omega’s “stop!” counter (if you can call it that) to a charging opponent, so it warmed my heart to see Hero respond to it by clocking Omega. Then they went and ruined the goodwill by having the “counter” work on Hero’s springboard elbow off the barricade (when Hero presumably would have had too much momentum to stop on a dime anyway).

9. Hero vs. Omega was good, but not worthy of the “this is awesome” chants. I understand the importance of starting slow and gradually building a flow, but they took too long to finally pick up the pace – and then hit another slow spot once they finally did. I haven’t seen their match from Japan, but I am sure these two are capable of MUCH better.

10. Disappointing show from ROH tonight. Three of the four matches were dull and/or meaningless, the main event was simply good, and there were no major angle advancements. At least the initial Pick 6 standings will be penciled in soon (on television, at least), so the jockeying for position can begin.

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