Raw Guest Host, Elimination Chamber & Jeff Hardy Updates

There has been some talk in WWE about ending the Raw Guest Host gimmick. At present, it does not seem likely unless a big name can agree to become the Raw General Manager on an ongoing basis.

WWE Elimination Chamber on 21st February in St Louis, MO, will be going head-to-head with the USA vs Canada hockey game in the Winter Olympics. Chances are that this will significantly hurt the buyrate in Canada, at least.

Michael Hayes had been pushing hard for WWE to bring back Jeff Hardy. It was made clear that Hardy could only return if two strikes against him on the Wellness Policy remained. He would also have been subjected to repeated drug testing as had been the case during his last stint with the company. After his indictment, with Linda McMahon running for senate, chances are that he would not have been brought back at all unless the charges were dropped.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 11th January 2010 (subscribe here)

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