Spider-Man 4 to be (500) Days of Spidey?

Now Webb, let’s face it, is at the top of the list because star directors like James Cameron and David Fincher are wishful thinking at this point. Though, I remember when the first Spider-Man was in the fermenting stage and James Cameron was going to direct. According to Mike Fleming with Deadline Hollywood, his sources say that “Webb met about the Spidey reboot with the pic’s producers and executives looking to get the picture into production later this year for a Summer 2012 release.” The reason for the 2012 release is because it’s likely to be shot in 3-D.

Considering that this restart version of the Spider-Man franchise will take us back to Peter Parker and his formative high school days, I’m sure Sony execs saw Webb’s (500) Days of Summer and thought “now here’s a director that understands how the youth of today think and feel.” Well, part of that can be attributed to the wonderfully written script by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. But Webb has directed music videos which I believe were once a staple of MTV’s programming lineup.

James Vanderbilt’s (The Rundown, Zodiac) script takes Peter Parker back to high school. I’m not expecting a dialogue heavy movie, but I’m guessing the interaction of the characters will be just as important as the action sequences. Plus, it might allow Sony to scale back on huge action set pieces. Now then, who to play Peter Parker? I’ve read rumors like Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame (or is that infamy?). Sony could do an Outsiders type casting call and have all the young actors audition. What am I saying, Sony would never do that. It would be too time-consuming and with the ADD audience these days who would care?

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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