Teaser Trailer for John Wells' The Company Men


If the merit of a great film was solely judged on the ensemble it was comprised of, then John Wells’ The Company Men might be one to keep a watchful eye of in 2010. Among its stars is Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, Maria Bello, Craig T. Nelson, Kevin Costner, and Rosemarie DeWitt.

So you got a few Oscar winners, a few more nominees, Mr. Incredible (but his friends call him “Coach”) and the woman who got married in Rachel Getting Married.

This really isn’t a teaser trailer, more like a montage. There’s no inference of what the film is about, but we see Ben Affleck both wearing a suit and tie and working construction. The corporate culture is changing and with recent films like The Informant! and Up in the Air, it seems that Hollywood is trying to make the change socially relevant in the cinematic sense.

Synopsis from Sundance:

One of the first casualties of a corporate downsize is Bobby Walker, a hot-shot sales executive who is living the idyllic life—complete with two kids and a mortgaged picket fence. His boss, and founder of the company, doesn’t take Bobby’s severance well, and he storms into the boardroom to demand a reprieve of the severe measures. He learns quickly that some choices are out of his hands, and this is only the beginning. We embark on a journey that is all too familiar in today’s recessionary economy: one that will test friendships, loyalties, and family bonds. John Wells explores the powerlessness of losing one’s job while examining how anger, fear, and forced humility can replace the security of “normal.” The inspired casting of great actors, lending their formidable insight to this timely story, makes The Company Men a tribute to America’s unsung heroes: hard-working men caught in life’s unexpected misfortunes.

The Company Men marks John Wells’ first foray into directing. Wells has spent most of his career in the television realm, writing and producing such series as ER, The West Wing, Third Watch, and Southland. Well, for his first feature film, he’s definitely got the right cinematographer for the job. Roger Deakins has been a collaborator on many Coen brothers productions, and has worked with the likes of Ron Howard, M. Night Shyamalan, Sam Mendes, and Norman Jewison.

Source: Filmofilia

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