Inside Pulse WWE Superstars recap for 01/14/10

Gail Kim & Primo Colon def. Jillian Hall & Chavo Guerrero: Both teams enter together to the guys’ theme music and Primo and Gail are particularly flirty on their way to the ring. Both Chavo and Primo exchange attempts at working on the arm but Primo switches to a side headlock and scores a couple of takedowns as a result. Chavo is able to rebound and brawl his way to a brief advantage, but it is short-lived and he soon scurries over to his corner for protection (and a hug) from Jillian. After formal tags, both divas enter and Hall is quickly on the receiving end of three clotheslines by the very energetic Kim. She misses on her fourth attempt but rebounds quickly to climb the turnbuckle before being distracted by Chavo. Jillian uses this to her advantage by sends her crashing down with a hair whip from her perch on the top rope. Hall covers for a two count and then continues the hair themed assault before catching a kick attempt and answering it with a clothesline. Jillian attempts a cartwheel splash but Gail gets her knees up and both ladies make tags to their partners. Primo hits a flurry of strikes and gets a nearfall off a rebound crossbody. Chavo himself then rebounds by getting in a low kick and hitting 2 out of 3 Amigos. The third is blocked by Primo but he walks right into a clothesline and Chavo holds him down for a nearfall that is broken up by Gail. Jillian tries to answer that interference for her team but is quickly dispatched. Chavo turns his attention to Kim and has her trapped in the corner but when he grabs her arm she escapes with a kick that sends him into Primo who rolls him up for the win.

Chris Masters (with Eve) def Carlito: I like Masters’ new theme music that Eve accompanies him to the ring, but I’m still not that thrilled with him though. Apparently neither is Carlito as he opens the match by spitting apple in his face. As you might expect this does not thrill Chris and he floors him with a series of punches and then a slam before Carlito leaves the ring. Masters quickly chases him out and regrets it because he ends up going back first into the ringpost twice. Carlito sends him back into the ring and continues his attack with punches and kicks as Eve looks on in somewhat concerned fashion. Carlito locks on a brief surfboard submission but drops in favor of a slam and elbow combo that garners him a nearfall. He then locks on the submission attempt again, but Masters fights to his feet and completely no-sells all of the damage to his back by easily hitting a big back body drop and a long press slam. Carlito escapes a toss into the corner and nails him with a dropkick but celebrates before following up and that allows Chris to dodge his next move and lock on the Masterlock for the win.

Jimmy Yang Wang & Slam Master J def Mike Knox & Charlie Haas: I enjoyed the duo of Haas and Knox two weeks ago and think it could be a good idea to keep them as a tag team. You know if the WWE wanted to have regular tag-teams. Charlie starts off against Jesse and J gets a nice reversal of an arm drag into another arm drag. But as he tries to emulate his buddy JTG by celebrating after every move, Knox makes a blind tag and levels him with his extra large slightly flying crossbody. Mike then punches Jimmy off the apron and covers J for a long two count. Knox drags him over to his corner and after a combo attack, Charlie tags back in. Knox and Haas follow this classic heel formula a couple more times before Haas makes a mistake by trying to knock Yang off the apron and missing. This is enough distraction for Jesse to make the hot tag and JYW comes flying in with a barrage of offense and quickly has a pin attempt on Haas that has t be broken up by Knox. SMJ and JYW hit a double dropkick to send Mike out of the ring and J follows that with a crossbody to the outside. Meanwhile, Wang and Haas are still the legal men and Jimmy quickly hits a moonsault from the top rope to get his team the pinfall victory.

Christian def. William Regal (with Ezekiel Jackson): If you missed ECW last night, you might not know that Ezekiel Jackson (also the subject of the Superstar’s video spotlight of the week) won the big battle royal for a shot at Christian’s ECW title at the Royal Rumble. While the announcers bicker about what this match means to those involved, Regal tries for an arm bar but Christian quickly rolls out of it and into a takedown. Both men continue to exchange hold attempts and reversals in the early going until the pace picks up with both going for higher impact strikes. Christian looks for the Killswitch then turns it into a backslide for two. Jackson starts to climb in the ring, but Christian quickly dropkicks him off the apron. Christian goes for another quick roll up in the confusion but it only gets two as Jackson climbs the apron again. The ref orders him off the apron and when he does not comply, he ejects him from the ringside area as we break for commercials.

When we return to action, the action is still of the back and forth variety until Christian takes a nasty spill from the top rope following a shove by Regal. Christian barely beats the refs count back into the ring and William quickly goes to work on his now ailing back and shoulders. Regal puts Christian back on top of the turnbuckle but his offense is countered as Christian punches him off and follows with a flying crossbody for a nearfall. The ECW champ hulks up and both men start slugging it out in the middle of the ring before Regal counters with a low knee and tosses him over the top rope. But Christian hangs on and climbs the top rope to attack with a missile dropkick that gets a long tow count. Captain Charisma again climbs the top rope but misses on a frog splash attempt. Christian then goes for the Killswitch but Regal reverses to a beautiful over the head half nelson suplex for a 2.8 count. Regal immediately covers him again for another long two count before setting him up for the Knee Trembler. Christian dodges that attack and the follow up before trying a sunset flip from the corner that Regal reverses into an illegal pin attempt of his own that the ref catches and halts. As William argues with the ref, Christian attempts the Killswitch again but it is reversed into the Regal Stretch. Christian fights out and reverses a double armed suplex attempt into his fourth Killswitch attempt that finally engages and that is enough to earn him the hard fought victory.

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