Full Transcript of Hulk Hogan TNA Promo Hyping Major Surprise

On TNA Impact Thursday, Hulk Hogan appeared in a tape promo that hyped the AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle rematch at Genesis, as well as tease of another major surprise wrestler.

Here is the full transcript of what Hogan had to say about the surprise:

The whole world now hears the heartbeat of TNA – it’s pounding louder than ever. And now the magnitism of TNA is attracting the top talent in the wrestling world. The next PPV Genesis, we’ve attracted one of the biggest impact players in professional wrestling. He can change the game in a heartbeat. He can take the title in a heartbeat. This man has signed on with TNA. I think the whole world is gonna be surprised, and I know the talent in TNA is gonna be shocked. Wait until you see who walks through our door at Genesis.

That is pretty strong hype, although considering who is rumored it might be appropriate.

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