10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 1/14/10

So, we’re back with our usual day and time for TNA. Last week’s live experience was interesting, and it’ll be entertaining to see where TNA are heading with Bischoff and Hogan in charge.

10. First thing I noticed, we still have the 6 sided ring. Hoping that doesn’t disappear as the rumors have been saying it will. It’s TNA’s unique thing and it works, there should be no reason to go to a normal ring.

9. If you didn’t see this weeks Impact, seriously hunt out the Generation Me vs. Motor City Machine Guns match. Worth the effort. Generation Me are a definitely positive acquisition for TNA.

8. It will be interesting to see how different teams match up against Hamada & Kong. Not sure if any combinations could actually beat them clean though.

7. Less of the Nasty Boys will still be too much of the Nasty Boys.

6. I’m sorry to anyone who is excited to see them back, but every time the words “the band” were uttered I had an involuntary shudder reaction.

5. Welcome back Angelina Love! Didn’t realize till she was gone how valuable she was. Loved seeing them tease her turning on the Beautiful People. Now, does this mean Lacey will be removed? We can only hope.

4. Was really hoping we’d see Daniels send Sean Morley away before he even got a chance to begin. Also, the shots showing the women in the crowd who were supposed to be going gaga and weren’t. Just proved that no one wanted to see Morley try and relive his old gimmick.

3. I’m a firm fan of Desmond Wolfe. Honestly, the man hasn’t put a foot wrong since stepping into TNA.

2. Well, I am glad the masked man has finally been unmasked. And he did put in a valiant effort in the main event even when it was obvious how it was going to end. Because AJ wasn’t going to Genesis without that belt.

1. There was some good wrestling shown in this episode. Not every match was great, but most were. The only problem, most of the matches felt rushed and too short.

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