TNA Genesis 2010 Match Results: Amazing Red vs. Mystery, Hulk Hogan Booed

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff make their way to the ring. The crowd is booing & chanting ‘we want 6-sides’! HAHA. Hogan tells them that 6-sides got them only so far, and now this is where wrestling happens. Hogan says that he is proud of all the TNA wrestling fans, and says ‘Whatcha gonna do Vince McMahon, when Hulk Hogan & TNA run wild on you!’

Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick – TNA X-Division Championship
Kendrick holds down the control of the match, and keeps the match pretty low tempo, and working . Red finally tosses Kendrick to the floor, and then leaps off the top in a Swanton on a standing Kendrick on the floor! Back in the ring, Red hits a missile drop kick right away. Kendrick fights back and continues to work on Red’s legs. Red on the apron, and Kendrick charges him, but Red blocks it, and then leaps over the ropes back in the ring, on Kendrick’s back, and hits a Canadian Destroyer type move for the finisher.
Winner and Still Champ – Amazing Red
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