TNA Genesis 2010 Match Results: Sean Morley vs. Daniels, Hall Out Of Match

Hogan & Bischoff backstage with Nash, Hall & Pac. Bischoff says that Nash is under contract, but Hall &Pac are not, and they need to prove their worth tonight. Pac wants in the match, and he does rock/paper/scissors with Hall, and takes his spot…so I guess it’s Nash & Pac vs. Beer Money.

Sean Morley vs. Daniels
Morley on the mic to start, says that this is his first production in TNA. Daniels comes out and says that this is a wrestling business, and his problem with Morley is that Morley isn’t concentrating on wrestling. Match starts, and Morley takes control early on. Morley working on the ribs, hits the Blue Thunder Powerbomb, then a Double Underhook Suplex, but when he goes for the pin, Daniels wraps on the Koji Clutch. Morley fights out of it, and hits a Yurinagi. Morley goes to the top, but Daniels meets him up there, and goes for a top rope hurricanranna, but Morley shoves him off, and then hits the Money Shot for the pin.
Winner – Sean Morley

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