Disc News: Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes

It hasn’t even been out a full month, but already Warner Home Video has plans to unleash the mystery of Sherlock Holmes on DVD and Blu-ray this March! The date is actually March 30th, so doing the math the window from theatrical release to home video is a little over three months. That’s just insane. But after four weeks, Guy Ritchie’s film has already raked in $313 million worldwide. It’s Ritchie’s biggest hit ever, and it is producer Joel Silver’s biggest hit since The Matrix franchise. And if you watched the Golden Globe Awards you saw Robert Downey Jr. win for Best Actor in the Comedy or Musical comedy. Not sure if Sherlock Holmes constitutes a full-out comedy, but the actor did praise Silver for relaunching his career for a dozen times (not quite – all it took was Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang).

And if anyone has an inkling to see The Expendables this August, you might want to revisit some of Silver’s earlier productions to get your mind right. This is the guy that produced Die Hard, Commando, Predator, Road House and The Last Boy Scout among others.

Getting back to the Sherlock Holmes announcement, no further information has been made available (aside from the intimation and potential spoiler of Brad Pitt making an appearance in a certain role in one of the special features) but artwork has been provided.

Credit: The Blu-ray Blog


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