Bertuzzi Shootout Goal

On Sunday afternoon, The Chicago Blackhawks visited Detroit in a regular season game. Many people are still talking about Marian Hossa going back on his word to return to Detroit, but on this day, I think people are more interested in one of the most awesome shootout attempts in a long while. I had to work so i will not comment on the game but I hear it was an excellent game. A link to this shot is right here. If you have not already seen it. It is a move most Wings fans would expect from Pavel Datsyuk due to his amazing stick handling, but Bertuzzi stole the spotlight Sunday. A short recap of the game is The Hawks took a 2 goal lead in the first. Detroit netted 1 to cut the lead in half by the end of the first. Second period The Wings tied it up but not for long as less than 5 minutes late the Hawks took the lead again. Just after halfway through the 3rd period the Wings scored again to tie it and ultimately sent it to a shootout since no one scored during the OT period.  The Hawks won the game in the shootout giving them two points and the Wings get the 1 point for the OT loss.

That is the link to the entire shootout. As you can see it is full of great attempts and goals.

Have a great day everyone

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