Desperate Housewives – Episode 6-13 Review


Hi there! Here is the review for the 13th episode of the sixth season of desperate housewives.

Spoiler-free zone:

As we enter the beginning of the second half of this season, Katherine’s storyline tones down, while in Bree’s story, things get really heated up. Expect more comedy, while there are one or two intense moments throughout the episode.

Spoiler zone:

I have to start with Bree’s storyline which was probably the strongest story of the episode, but also provides one of my favourite Bree moments. Marcia Cross has this class that makes her physical comedy ten times funnier. Poor handicap Orson refuses to take a bath since he is angry at the situation that he is in. He gives Bree a really hard time by constantly complaining and asking her to do things that he knows will annoy her, without even asking “please” as Bree requested. When Bree says to Orson “you stink” he brilliantly replies “And you’re a whore! Here’s the difference, I can get clean”. I guess that was it for Bree. She took some soap, pushed Orson (with the wheelchair) outside the house and threw soap at him. She then took the hose and threw water at him till he said “please”.  Orson then yells “please” but shouts that he shouldn’t need to say please for small little favours since it reminds him more of how helpless he is. Great acting from both people!

Gaby and Susan had the same storyline this week. Since Juanita is now going at the same school as MJ, mothers Susan and Gaby spend some more time together. Unfortunately, Gaby and Susan started discussing about the math groups and Susan told her that they divide the groups into different animals (leopard, chipmunk, and giraffe) according to their mathematical skills. Susan proudly said that her son was a giraffe and when Gaby told her that Juanita was a leopard, Susan gave a look. When Susan told Gaby that she thinks that the advanced group is the giraffes, Gaby was on the case to find out. Turns out it was the other way round and leopards where the smartest and giraffes were the lower group. Pretentious Susan wasn’t happy when she found out about it and started doubting MJ’s intelligence. In the end Gaby and Susan reconciled but still remained a bit competitive. What was interesting about this comedic storyline was that it shows how competitive moms can get over their children. They will spend hours and hours having heated conversations about “giraffes” and “leopards” without seeing how pointless the whole thing is.

In Lynette’s story we see that her relationship with Tom still has some problems. When Bob and Lee advised the couple to go over counselling (like they do) Tom was thrilled while Lynette, not so much.  Turns out Tom didn’t listen to Lynette and went on his own. When Lynette saw Tom with a “feelings journal” felt she had to defend herself and decided to go to that therapist. Turns out that the therapist (played by Jane Leeves) was much better at her job than Lynette thought she would be, so she ended up telling her how she was feeling about what has been going around with her lately. A strong, very well acted scene.

In Angie’s story, while we don’t get any insight on her secret, we do see how protective she is of her son. As expected, she is not that excited that Danny is dating Ana but it looks like Ana has been through similar things as Danny, which is probably what attracted Danny to her in the first place. There is a funny table scene in the beginning, where Angie reacts to Ana’s wish for Danny wanting to become a poet and her becoming a model. Angie tried to spend some time with Ana and realised that she basically has no choice but to let her date her son.

Katherine’s storyline was the one to open the episode. Dana Delany proved once again that she is excellent at drama by giving us (and her own therapist) a tearful monologue that described in detail how she felt and how she ended up on that clinic. McCluskey, who as we know is softer on the inside, visited Katherine and tried to convince her to come back to the lane, but Katherine refused. The episode ends with all of the housewives (even Susan) sitting down with her and finally forgiving her. I’m happy but at the same time I feel sad that “crazy Katherine” is gone. I guess it was time though…

To sum up, Bree’s story blew me away in this funny, funny episode. I can’t believe that the countdown for the finale has started. This shows that this season has been really entertaining.

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