NFL Playoffs Roundtable: Cardinals vs. Saints Analysis

In the NFC Playoff game on Saturday, the Arizona Cardinals were crushed by the New Orleans Saints.

Final Score: 45-14

Here is what the Inside Pulse Sports Roundtable has to say about this game:

Chad Jorgenson – The Cards just couldn’t deal with the rash of injuries over the past couple of weeks. When you’re trying to keep the Saints offense in check with your best corner out of action, you’re always going to be in trouble. And when you’re trying to keep up with the Saints offense, you really need your second best WR to be healthly and keeping coverage off Fitz. It also helps to not have your QB get knocked silly..

Trent Scott – The defense that didn’t show up at home apparently needs an APB put out for it, since it didn’t bother to show up in New Orleans, either. That said, they might have been a little more hopeful that the offense could attack the Saints D like they had the Packer D, but, for the first time in over a month, the Saints looked to have a full compliment of players ready to go on the attack defensively. Once it was obvious that a track meet was not in the cards (and after Warner got slobberknocked after his interception) the game was effectively over.

Travis Gehling – I had a pretty good feeling that the Saints were going to win, but I really wasn’t expecting this much of a blowout. The Saints offense lit up a lackluster defense (Ranked #20 overall in the regular season). The Arizona offense couldn’t get it going against an even worse defense (#25 overall in the regular season) and paid the price.

Russ Blatt – I was really looking forward to seeing this game. However, after I heard about the Cardinals injuries during the week, I thought the Saints were going to have an easy game. The Cardinals started strong but had no chance after the Saints started to roll. Very rarely do you see a quarterback a take a shot like Kurt Warner take. Kudos to Kurt for getting up, but…ouch.

Alex Schuhart – I always root for the team that has Kurt Warner, because I’ve always been a fan of his. But it was futile. The Cardinals were absolutely dominated. The Saints deserved this win. And what a win it was.

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