NFL Playoffs Roundtable: Ravens vs. Colts Analysis


In the AFC Playoff game on Saturday, the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Baltimore Ravens.

Final Score: 20-3

Here is what the Inside Pulse Sports Roundtable has to say about this game:

Chad Jorgenson – This was a heck of a game for 28 minutes. But you can’t let Manning loose at the end of a half because he’ll kill you every single time. The Ravens also continued to do what they’ve done all year and shot themselves in the foot. How many times in the history of the world has one player picked off 2 passes on the same drive that lead to points for the opposition. When that drive happened you just knew it was over of the Ravens.

Trent Scott – As much as I fretted about the Colts offense maybe coming out a little off kilter, that didn’t mean the defense was ready to go out and kill anybody in a purple uniform. Some people may say that Indy didn’t impress them; others say that they looked sluggish. I’ll be blunt: if they wanted to, they could have crushed Baltimore by 30. But they didn’t need to, and they played it safe in the second half. And to anyone who things that can’t score quickly (somebody at CBS needs to read this next bit) what happened in the last two minutes of the first half? The Colts took the ball and scored. The Ray Lewis hit, had it not been to the lid of Austin Collie, might not have jarred the ball loose to begin with. Regardless, they moved up the field with precision and not a lot of opposition from a supposedly Elite defense.

Travis Gehling – After the Ravens stormed into the divisional round, they fell flat against a stiff Colts defense. Baltimore averaged over 24 points per game in the regular season, but only managed a field goal in the second playoff round. In a game where they had to play to their potentional, Baltimore fell short.

Russ Blatt – We would know right away if taking some time off would cause rustiness with the Colts. At halftime the game was over. The Ravens do not have the firepower to score with the Colts. All the defense that the Ravens have could not keep pace and score touchdowns with the Colts offense.

Alex Schuhart – I was rooting for the Colts here, on my list of favorite teams they rank as number two, right behind the Cowboys. I was very excited to see them win. Manning is such an amazing quarterback.

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