NFL Playoffs Roundtable: Vikings vs. Cowboys Analysis


In the NFC Championship game on Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings trounced the Dallas Cowboys

Final Score: 34-3

Here is what the Inside Pulse Sports Roundtable has to say about this game:

Chad Jorgenson – The Cowboys just played like crap. I don’t know if it was the pressure of everyone picking them to win, or the stadium atmosphere, but they just bent over backwards and let the Vikings win. That’s about 14 times now this year where a team has just played awful against the Vikings allowing them an easy win. Seriously, the Vikings played horrible. They couldn’t move the ball, they were in their patented bend but don’t break defense and were lucky to not give up a couple more field goals early that would have completely changed the flow of the game. Their only offense was throwing it deep to Rice and then hope the defenders weren’t paying attention, seriously Sensie…what the hell were you looking at???? Vikings squeak through yet another week.

Trent Scott – If Dallas scores a TD on any of the three opening drives, does that game turn out anything like it did? I doubt it, because their confidence was rattled early and never regained. People seem to think the Vikes absolutely manhandled the ‘Boys, which by the end it looked that way, but if something changes in the beginning of the game, it really could have been the best of all the divisional games. And I hope somebody, ANYBODY has told Gerald Sensabaugh that Sidney Rice caught that first TD pass? He’s still probably not sure where that ball is at right now.

Travis Gehling – The Vikings’ 2nd ranked offense proved why and their 6th ranked defense showed up as well making for a long day in Minnesota for the Cowboys. Ray Edwards (3 sacks, 5 tackles, 1 Forced Fumble) and Sydney Rice (6 Rec, 141 yds, 3 TDs) had the games of their lives for Minnesota while Tony Romo (198 yds, 1 Int, 3 Fumbles) had a day to forget.

Russ Blatt – Does anyone think that Brett Farve is not having his best season? he is throwing as well as I have seen him throw, he is having more fun than I have seen him have in years and he has a team that has a dominating defense. Everyone was waiting for the Cowboys to implode, and they did.

Alex Schuhart – It was like watching my favorite baseball team, the New York Mets, play ball. They give you just enough hope that they might actually win, but then they fall apart and that hope is dashed. Darn you, Brett Favre. Darn you, fumbles.

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