One Tree Hill – Episode 7-13 Review

Eh, this week’s return of One Tree Hill was a little underwhelming if you ask me. But, a lot happened as the show starts six weeks later from where we left off in the fall.

Jamie and Nate joined Haley on her tour and seem to be having a great time. Haley has gotten a sexy makeover—for the better. I’m not sure how I feel about her songs (they used about 4 of them throughout the episode), but they weren’t awful. Just different. She plays the last leg of her tour in Tree Hill where everyone has come to see her.

Clay returns after taking some time away from Tree Hill to scope our some prospective clients for his new agency. Quinn is excited to see him, despite the divorce finalization papers she receives in the mail from David. These two spend time together and have trouble making their relationship shown to Nathan who had a problem with it in the past. However, he tells Clay it’s all good now.

Brooke and Julian are breaking my heart. Well, Brooke really. She refuses to let Julian fight for her (probably because Lucas never did) and pushes him away as she still struggles over his relationship with Alex. She’s been away on business with her new partner Alexander Coyne and hasn’t even talked to Julian since. If you ask me, the only thing Alexander has going for him is that accent. Otherwise, I don’t see the chemistry. Alex (the girl) is recovering and returned from a stint in rehab. She still has her attempted suicide scars and Julian is helping her move on from it by engulfing her with their movie. These two are getting very cozy and while Julian may be acting innocently, Alex definitely has ulterior motives. Basically, Julian pleads his case to Brooke that he isn’t the bad guy, but she isn’t having it. They break up for the time being. I think Haley said it best when she tried consoling Brooke over her trust issues. “Alex isn’t Peyton and Julian isn’t Lucas.”

As for the mess that is Millie, she’s in court for her DUI arrest. The judge doesn’t show much sympathy for her, but Victoria shows up and offers her a job as her assistant. She seems a little like her old self, but I don’t know if I buy it just yet. Especially since she shows up at a party at that model McKenna’s place. Alex drags Millie out by the arm and tells her she’s not giving up on her. Mouth turns up from LA and hugs her.

The best (and worst) part of the episode was the end. Taylor James shows up at the door to Nathan and Haley’s…with David (Quinn’s recent ex-husband) as her boyfriend. Ew! I know Taylor is slutty (she took Nate’s v-card back in the day), but dating your sister’s husband? That’s pretty low. And the fact that they are staying at Nathan and Haley’s is just rude. I think it’s all a front. David wants Quinn back and Taylor…well, I don’t know what she wants yet.

Stay tuned for the next episode. Haley kicks Taylor to the curb and the girls have a catfight!

Clik here for the promo for next week’s episode.

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including Hamptons magazine and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL!.

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