TNA Impact Taping Results For January 21 & 28, 2010 [Spoilers]

TNA did the first of their tapings this week and results are from the Wrestling Observer

These matches were taped for both 1/21 and some for 1/28, as they are doing four weeks of TV over three nights between now and Wednesday

Hernandez & Matt Morgan b British Invasion to keep tag titles. Rob Terry came out with his briefcase. Brutus Magnus got it and tried to hit Hernandez, but hit Williams, who got pinned. Then Mick Foley showed up and clocked Terry with a chair.

Foley did an in-ring interview that wasn’t played before the live crowd.

Ric Flair came out with women and said that he hates Hulk Hogan, but loves TNA. He brought out A.J. Styles, who was all dressed up and had a woman with him. Apparently A.J. is the new Nature Boy. Styles tried to cut a Ric Flair promo.

Hulk Hogan came out with Kurt Angle. Hogan said that he’s changed his mind about Genesis being Angle’s last title shot. Good one. He announces Angle vs Styles as the TV main event. Wow, three days.

Orlando Jordan b The Pope clean

Angelina Love b Madison Rayne. Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich attacked Love after the match

Hogan and Bischoff call “The Band” to the ring. They said they want them to earn their keep by wrestling. You know, since it’s been exactly one night since their last match. Sean Waltman came out smoking a cigarette. Hogan then had them kicked out of the building, except Kevin Nash.

Nasty Boys b Kevin Nash & Eric Young when Young was inned by Sags

Mr. Anderson went to do a promo but was attacked and run off by Mr. Abyss

A.J. Styles b Kurt Angle with the ankle lock. Earl Hebner was referee. They did the Montreal finish. Apparently they want people to remember it as the Orlando screw job. Styles, Flair & Earl Hebner all ran off. Hogan came out and Angle spit in Hogan’s face. (Widro’s note: UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH)

Eric Bischoff came out. Apparently he was attacked and juiced in a segment, probably with Foley. He just said Foley was fired.

Desmond Wolfe b Sean Morley – This was a match to get into a tournament at Against All Odds for a shot at Styles’ title

Hernandez b Daniels in another tournament qualifier

Ken Anderson b Jeff Jarrett with a low blow in another tournament qualifier

credit: Wrestling Observer

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