The Big Bang Theory – Episode 3-13 Review

The Golden Globes completely dropped the ball by not nominating Jim Parsons for Best Actor in a Comedy. Nominees Thomas Jane in Hung and David Duchovny in Californication aren’t that funny. Their shows are rather depressing half hour dramas. Rick Springfield was funnier than Duchovny on Californication. Thankfully Parsons didn’t tell off the Hollywood Foreign Press weasels. Instead he showed up and looked good as a presenter. He came off better than anyone that gave away hardware at the Broadcast Critics ceremony on VH1. Those people were so critical of everything. Parsons ought to be considered a co-host on the upcoming Emmys. Neil Patrick Harris and Parsons could make a dynamic duo.

“Bozeman Reaction” has the geeks sitting down to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Howard is happy they can get out for a little guy time. Raj gets frustrated that Howard is secretly bragging that he has a girlfriend. Howard suggests Raj is jealous. The Indian replies that he’d kill a hobo for a steady woman. Sheldon is startled to see a changed menu. General Tso’s Chicken is no longer a specialty. It’s under chicken. What have they done to make it less special? They also list “Shrimp in Mobster Sauce.” Sheldon swears the sauce might have chunks of real mobsters. There’s plenty of buildings in New York city with mobsters as rebar. The guys decide to get a pizza. Howard points out there’s no chance of encountering mobsters at an Italian restaurant.

Leonard and Sheldon walk up the stairs to their apartment. Someday they’ll fix that elevator. Sheldon thinks the mobster sauce couldn’t have real mobsters since it was listed under seafood. Leonard suggests it could be possible if the mobsters were found sleeping with the fishes. Sheldon wants the conversation to be serious. Things do get serious when they see their front door has been busted open. They step inside to a disaster zone. The TV is gone and so are their laptops. Sheldon runs into his bedroom and announces it’s alright since they didn’t take his comic books.

Sheldon explains to the investigating officers all the stuff that’s been stolen from the apartment including about a dozen videogame consoles. Then he goes through dozens of computer games ending with Mrs. Pacman. The cop writes down “assorted videogames.” Sheldon wants to know when the CSI team will arrive. He’s bagged a soda can the thieves drank from. Leonard asks the cop if he can shoot Sheldon. The officer offers to have him institutionalized. Sheldon fears the criminals will use his laptop to publish his scientific work and grab the glory.

The duo sit on the sofa. Sheldon watches TV on his cellphone. They shall await the criminals to return and bludgeon them in their sleep. He still suspects Leonard.

They really did trash up the set to prove the place had been destroyed. Strange to think of crime coming to geek central. You’d figure they’d at least have some sort of security device on the door just to keep Howard from wandering inside. I once had a guy nearly break into my apartment. The guy smashed my bedroom window while I was napping. He didn’t get inside, but we called the cops. They didn’t even dust the window looking for prints. They filled out a report for insurance purposes. They didn’t break out the CSI effects which was rather depressing. Unless you’re robbed of donuts, they don’t do much investigating. Far as suspects go, I’m thinking this was Martha’s revenge for Sheldon avoiding her advances in “The Psychic Vortex.” She wanted to destroy the two things Sheldon loves: his laptop and Rock Band.

Sheldon wakes up in the middle of the night. He’s nervous. He checks the lock on his bedroom door. He then moves his drawers in front of the door. He gets back in bed and realizes he has to use the bathroom. He does his best to will his bladder into submission.

In Penny’s kitchen, she’s upset that she didn’t get to see the crooks. She’d beat them with an aluminum bat. Leonard is taken back at the intensity of his Nebraska girlfriend grips her equalizer. Sheldon bangs on her door and asks to be let inside. She opens the door and he scolds her for opening without knowing who is knocking since they had criminals. He then goes back to his apartment, but a few seconds later he bangs on her door again. He comes inside. He’s nervous. She asks if he wants to sleep in her place. He turns down the offer since Leonard and Penny couldn’t fit on the sofa. He can’t go back to his flat alone. He finds it scary over there.

Back at Geek Central, Sheldon plays Win Lose or Draw on the white board. Leonard sleeps while Penny is clueless to the answer. Sheldon explains how the clues include General Zod and a hydrogen atom. Penny begs to let them go to sleep. Sheldon says he’ll take the first shift until 4 a.m. Turns out that’s 45 minutes away. Sheldon sits on the sofa watching a scary movie on his cellphone. He calmly puts down the cellphone, walks into the hallway and frantically bangs on Leonard’s bedroom door while screaming their names.

The bedroom scene demonstrates why Jim Parsons is the best actor working in comedy today. He brings out the physical and the emotional comedy required in a solo performance. He just has a knack on playing the scene right. He’s got the timing of Don Knotts.

Howard installs a new lock that is mega secure. It has voice and fingerprint recognition. Sheldon keeps coming up with worst case scenarios including burglars cutting off his thumbs. What would happen then? Leonard swears he’ll give that mutilator thief a basket of muffins. Howard has obtained the security equipment from a military connection. Leonard is amazed that they’d let them use all the high tech toys. Turns out the military doesn’t know about Howard taking the stuff. They have a very slack security system. The alarm goes off. Penny is covered in a net. The guys aren’t impressed since it seems only good for catching crooked tuna. Howard promises it will be impressive when the net is electrified.

Sheldon sits in bed and writes in his journal like Rorschach in Watchmen. He can’t sleep. He’s haunted by the evil in Pasadena. He knows the criminal is playing Donkey Kong on his classic Nintendo. He hears a noise and goes to his bedroom door. He’s scared. He runs to his bedroom window and crawls onto the ledge. He has to use the bathroom, but he uses his will power to avoid the call of nature. Leonard and Penny are making out in the bed as Sheldon bangs on their window. Leonard lets him in. Turns out they made the noise when they knocked over the lamp in the heat of passion. Penny stops any intimate details being revealed. Sheldon almost climbs out the window, but Leonard insists he take the door. He heads into the living room and sets off the alarm. Penny and Leonard discover Sheldon trapped under the metal netting. It’s been electrified and his will power has failed his bladder.

Sheldon tests out his new laptop’s operating system. Windows 7 is much more user friendly than Windows Vista. He doesn’t like that. Sheldon looks for a new city using the internet. He’s leaving Pasadena forever since it’s crime ridden. Penny insists he can’t move or the mother ship won’t be able to find him. Sheldon thinks about Enid, Oklahoma, but it has no model train shops. Leonard and the department is excited that Sheldon will be tele-commuting. However the location is still up in the air since even Boone, NC has issues. He Xs out Nebraska since that’s where Penny is from.

Sheldon packs a suitcase in his room. He’s moving to Bozeman Montana. He’ll send pdfs to Leonard with instructions for packing up and shipping the rest of his room. Leonard asks if he should forward mail to the Bozeman Looney Bin. Sheldon says that wouldn’t be smart since that’s the name of the local comedy club.

In the living room, the gang are upset that the uber geek is fleeing the scene. He shouldn’t be rattled by the incident. Howard tells an inspirational tale about how his immigrant grandfather came to America and opened up a butcher shop. And any one that ordered a pound of liver was ripped off, but they didn’t complain about the crime and flee to their native country. Sheldon is already gone to Montana in his mind. He wants to call the people Bozeites. Penny says she’s going to miss him. Sheldon doesn’t want to long goodbyes or maudlin displays of emotion so he’s made a video. He presses play and lets his videotaped self do the talking. He addresses the foursome as three friends and one acquaintance. He points out that with the crime rate in Pasadena, odds are great that they will die before they meet again so Live Long and Prosper. Raj wants to know who is the acquaintance. Penny turns around and sees that Sheldon’s gone. It’s sad until the door opens and Sheldon pokes his head inside. He warns them to lock the door behind him. It is a dangerous neighborhood.

Is Sheldon really gone? Did we miss some nasty contract battle with Jim Parsons wanting Ted Danson money? Has he gone all John Travolta on the set? Is this turning out like Three’s Company with Sheldon calling from Montana at the end of each episode? How can this happen? Did he get David Caruso fever and wants to star in Judd Apatow flicks? Or is this just part of the show? Turns out that my town was circled as a prospective place for Sheldon to live. I could have had him as a neighbor. That’s a bullet worth dodging since whistling is appreciated around my house.

Sheldon arrives in Bozeman at the bus station. A local asks him if he can help him with his bags. The guy grabs the suitcases and runs out of the station. Sheldon runs after the guy, but returns empty handed. He walks up to the ticket counter and buys a ticket to Pasadena.

Howard, Raj and Leonard eat Chinese food in the living room when the door opens. Sheldon steps inside. Howard says, “Look who’s back!” Sheldon notes that it’s interesting that the acquaintance is the first to greet him. Howard looks disappointed.

This was a very strong episode in handling a real fear. Southern California isn’t the safest place on the map. A pal recently had his Los Angeles apartment broken into and his laptop was stolen. What really stunk for him was they stole his back up harddrive. You take a precaution and the thief snags it all. If you ever want to see a film about a stolen laptops, get the DVD of Reel Paradise. It’s about John and Janet Pierson and their family’s adventures in Fiji. All their electronic stuff gets stolen by locals. They even try to hide the laptop in a secret space. The best thing you can ever do to prevent your computer from being stolen is a Post It reading “Fired Motherboard. Take Broken Laptop to Geek Squad.” Sometimes that works since the thieves can’t sell a busted computer.

Last week’s episode was unbalanced between the two stories. It’s a relief that the producers didn’t split the action for “Bozeman Reaction.” They made sure we didn’t wait for the action to cut back to the Sheldon story. The character dominates the show, but he elevates the other characters when they work off him. He’s not like the Fonz changing the attitude of Happy Days. He’s far from a solo act even though he’s great by himself. Sheldon keeps the series focused on the strange quirks that can accompany genius. The only downside of the episode was no real crossover with any of the characters from the various C.S.I.s. Couldn’t they have at least sent over a pair of Horatio Caine’s sunglasses to crack the case?

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