TNA Impact Spoilers


– Brian Kendrick & Motor City Machine Guns beat Amazing Red & Generation Me when Kendrick pinned Red. Kendrick argued with the Guns afterwards because he had used a blind tag to enter the ring and make the pin.

– Doug Williams beat Amazing Red to become the new X Division Champion. Red was still in the ring from the previous match when British Invasion came out with Rob Terry’s Feast or Fired briefcase. Terry gave it to Williams to cash in but seemed upset after the match.

– DA POPE beat A.J. Styles in a non-title match. Styles and Ric Flair attacked him afterwards but Samoa Joe made the save. Joe told Styles he had sold himself out for a cheap suit and some hos. He challenged him to a TNA World Championship match at Against All Odds on 14th February.

– Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff call out Mick Foley after he attacked Bischoff. Foley claims innocence because if it had been him who did the attack then Bischoff would have been taken out in an ambulance. Foley and Hogan have a stare down.

– Beautfil People beat Tara, Hamada & Awesome Kong The Love Sponge Killer when Madison Rayne hit Hamada with the Ugly Stick for the pin. Kong chased Velvet Sky to the back. Angelina Love then made the save for Tara and Hamada by running off Rayne and Lacey Von Erich.

– Kurt Angle says his match with Styles at Genesis was the best of his life but now Styles has let everybody down. He wants Styles to consider if Flair really cares about him or not. Hogan comes out to confront Angle for spitting in his face. Angle apologises and they shake hands. Hogan leaves and Scott Hall and Sean Waltman sneak in to attack Angle. Security throws out Hall and Waltman again.

– Hernandez & Matt Morgan beat Team 3D to retain the TNA Tag Team Championships when Morgan pinned Brother Ray. Nasty Boys interfered, knocking Brother Devon off the top rope when going for the Wassup Headbutt. They attacked 3D after the match but the champions made the save. 3D and the champions stared at each other but eventually shook hands.

– Ken Anderson beat Brutus Magnus.

– Tara beat Angelina Love to retain the TNA Knockouts Title. Sky and Von Erich tried to make another attack afterwards but Tara and Love fought them off, then shook hands.

– Kurt Angle beat Tomko to qualify for Against All Odds.

– Joe calls out Styles, who brings Flair with him. Joe talks about them being involved in some of the best clashes in TNA history and having the respect of the fans. Now he sees Styles throwing all that respect away. Flair points out that Styles is the champion and deserves respect. Styles reminds Joe that he has turned on several people already so he has no right to judge him. He says that Joe gets in the face of every new person in the company, like Taz. Joe says that Styles gets on his knees and kisses the ring of his new sugar daddy whenever a new person enters the company. They brawl but Flair hits Joe with a low blow before he can hit Styles with the Muscle Buster. Flair and Styles taunt Joe and walk away.

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