BREAKING NEWS: Conan O'Brien Officially Leaves NBC With $32 Million Payout


It’s finally over.

The Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno fiasco has finally reached its undramatic conclusion as Conan O’Brien has officially left NBC allowing Jay Leno to reclaim his 11:35 PM timeslot.

The official announcement is expected anytime this morning as Conan signed an agreement early Thursday to part ways officially, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The deal is expected to include a payout of about $32 million for Mr. O’Brien and about $12 million for his staff. It is also believed to include a nondisparagement clause, both for the 46-year-old comedian and NBC. The deal has been said to include a provision that would bar or limit Mr. OBrien from appearing on other shows or hosting his own show for a period of time, according to people familiar with the negotiations. It is expected that this will last until the Fall when O’Brien will debut at Fox.

Credit: Wall Street Journal