Inside Pulse WWE Superstars recap for 01/21/10

Kelly Kelly def. Jillian Hall: This is Jillian’s third straight week opening Superstars. Hall tries to work the arm to start but allows Kelly to work her way to the corner and Double K uses the ropes to flip out of the hold. Kelly then follows with a hurricanrana for a quick two count. Jillian wins the next exchange and covers for two, then attacks the hair to maintain her advantage. She uses a surfboard in two sequences before Kelly finally fights out of it. Kelly hits her around the world head scissors and after an exchange in the corner tries a rollup that Jillian reverses for a pin attempt of her own. Jillian tosses her into the opposite corner and tries a handspring elbow from across the ring but Kelly kicks her in the back to halt the move. Kelly then hits her Kelly Kick according to Michael Cole (which is kind of a step-up Fame-Asser) for the victory.

Vance Archer def Shelton Benjamin: Nice tramp stamp on Archer who starts by backing Shelton into a corner to talk some trash. Benjamin doesn’t want to hear it and goes on the attack following a back elbow. Archer retreats to a corner and is able to drop Benjamin into the turnbuckle when he chases him to attack. He then goes for his finisher but Shelton reverses it into a small package for a quick two count. Vance tries to toss Benjamin over the top rope but he skins the cat and head scissors Archer out of the ring and we take a commercial break.

As we return from the break, Archer is in control but Shelton leaps over him on a toss and subsequent charge into the corner but eats a big boot on his own follow up. Vance works a chinlock before breaking it from some strikes as he continues to work over the neck of Benjamin. Eventually Shelton fights back and hits his double ax handle off a corner reversal. A spin kick and a German suplex with a bridge both get a nearfalls for Benjamin. Archer retakes the advantage and ties Shelton up in the corner in the “tree of woe” position just like their match on Superstars a few weeks ago. However this time Benjamin is ready for it and kicks Vance as he charges in after a ref break. Shelton then uses an Oklahoma roll to pin Archer for the win.

Kane def Chris Jericho: Interesting Royal Rumble trivia from the announce team, Kane and Shawn Michaels have the most appearance in the Rumble match with 11 apiece. Jericho stalls to start and exits the ring a couple of times in an attempt to avoid Kane’s grasp. Chris pimp slap’s Kane but pays for it as the Big Red Machine pounds on him to take control of the match. After hitting his low dropkick off the ropes, Kane starts trying to work on the arm. Jericho makes his way to the ropes and begins an attack of his own after the ref forces a break. Jericho ducks a charge and pulls the top rope down with him and Kane tumbles outside of the ring. Vintage Jericho follows with a rebound dropkick from the corner as Kane tries to climb back in and we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Jericho is in control and matt Striker lets us know that has been the story during the break as well. Chris tries a double ax off the second rope, but Kane catches him and tosses him back into the corner. But he charges and misses, sending himself into the ringpost to give the advantage back to Jericho. An enziguri gets a long two count for Jericho who starts to taunt the crowd before locking in a sleeper hold, which if you watch Smackdown you know is Kane’s greatest weakness. A bulldog attempt by Jericho is somewhat reversed by Kane and after both struggle to their feet Kane takes the advantage. Side walk slam gets a long two count for Kane but when he tries for his flying clothesline Jericho dropkicks him in the gut for a nearfall of his own. Jericho hits the bulldog properly but misses on the Lionsault and eats a big boot. Chris slides out of a slam attempt and chopblocks Kane before trying and failing to lock on the Walls of Jericho. He then tries for the Codebreaker but isn’t able to connect as Kane sidesteps him. Kane goes for the chokeslam, but Jericho bails outside of the ring and runs up the ramp and decides to tack the loss via count out. Extremely lame ending to a match seemed to have been building towards a much better finish.

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