AFC/NFC Championship Game Weekend Thoughts: Saints Win, Brett Favre Not So Clutch

As I watch the New Orleans Saints lift the Halas trophy above their heads, I can’t help but notice how unimportant this moment will be if they don’t beat the AFC champion Indianapolis Colts in two weeks in Miami.  It’s the same feeling I had after seeing the Colts win the AFC championship game (I didn’t watch the post-game celebration or see the Lamar Hunt trophy awarded.)  It’s great to win your conference but it doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t win the big game.  Whoever wins the Super Bowl will be regarded as “the favorite” next year (whatever that means.)  And the losing team’s historic run to the Super Bowl will be overshadowed by Favre’s retirement decision, which I’m sure will have an oh-so familiar ring to it.

Speaking of Brett Favre…………..  It doesn’t seem like Mr.Clutch has been so clutch for, well maybe 13 years or so.  I mean seriously, the media’s love affair with him has given them an uncanny ability to realize that he throws teams out of big games.  He did it three years ago in Green Bay in the NFC championship game, he did last year in New York, and once again the losing team’s last offensive play of the NFC Championship is a Favre interception.  Now who saw that coming? (Well other than Tracy Porter?)  Brett Favre cares a lot about his image and I’m not sure he’s going to let that interception be his last throw.  I have a feeling that the old man will be back and I’m pretty sure he will be in a Vikings uniform.

What do we have to look forward to between now and the Super Bowl?  The Pro Bowl?  No, of course not.  But we do have some things to look forward to.  If i was a gambling man which I most certainly am, I would start working on my bets now.  Sure there’s the game (as of now I’ve heard that the Colts will be a three and a half point favorite.)  But why don’t we make a few bets on the festivities.  How many times will Steve Young talk about the importance of the quarterback position?  Will we see more of Peyton Manning on the field or off the field?  (The Oreo licking championship commercials do not count as “on the field.”)  How many players will show up for the Super Bowl?  These are all good questions, sure.  But let’s see if I can make some money off of them.  Probably not, but I might as well try.

Great Games this week.  I have to wait two weeks for football.  Looks like I will turn my gaze over to the NHL.  I will write again soon………..until then?  I’m out.

-Mr. AJ

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