AJ Styles And Desmond Wolfe Talk WWE “Horror Stories”, Ring Controversy

The UK Sun’s Simon Rothstein and Joel Ross have comments from AJ Styles and Desmond Wolfe, taken from the Wrestlecast podcast (which can be streamed here or downloaded from iTunes).

Styles talked about why he has no interest in jumping to WWE:

“All the horror stories I’ve heard about WWE, there is no reason why I’d want to go. I’m going to tell you what I know as the main difference between the two companies. Desmond and I are going to work together to make this company the best, for everybody. Whereas in the other company they will stab each other in the back to get themselves to the next level. It’s not about me. It’s about us in TNA.”

Wolfe, who was set to sign with WWE before the deal fell through, added his perspective on the situation while echoing AJ’s “Team TNA” sentiment:

“I’m really happy to be here, I really am. It’s a real family environment. I haven’t been around backstage a lot in WWE, but at TNA it seems like everybody is on board. Some people might have different opinions of certain things, but ultimately everybody wants to be positive, go in the right direction and for the company to succeed, not just themselves.”

Styles also addressed the change from TNA’s signature six sided ring to a traditional squared circle implemented by Hulk Hogan:

“For us, it does not make a difference in any way.You can put me in a six-sided ring or put me in a square ring, it’s all the same. You throw somebody into the ropes and they come back.”

“It’s not any different, so that’s why it was so bizarre to me at first why they would change it. But then I heard that maybe the reason for that change was so we could be taken more seriously as a company and I can understand that. I don’t care what it is that gets us to the next level, as long we get there.”

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