JR Blog Update: Thoughts on Vince Russo, Guest Hosting Raw, Rick Rude

Jim Ross did 2 weekend blog entries, very sports-focused, but he mixed in some wrestling gold nuggets that i have sifted out of the sand and present to Inside Pulse readers with convenient italics.

on Rick Rude as a legit tough guy:

on being Guest Host of Raw:
FYI I’m deleting the emails that we are getting asking me repeatedly if I’m going to be a future, guest host on Raw. The answer is, no, as I do not fit the “outside the box celebrity”profile of that role. I am not a candidate for this particular role plus I enjoy seeing others who are not in their comfort zone do live TV especially on a program like Raw.

on Vince Russo:
Emailers asked about my thoughts about all that’s apparently going on with former WWE writer Vince Russo and him defending himself, etc to the media that covers wrestling. I have not been following it too closely to be honest with you. I do think that creative types in today’s wrestling world are under tremendous pressure and scrutiny. I have great compassion for what they do particularly in today’s society. Fans of all broadcast genres are harder to please these days because of all the info flow available but people can only do their best and follow their instincts. I still think the keys to the process is listening to the objective critiques of the consumers and to follow rating trends. But it all will come back to one’s natural instincts on how they see the genre presented. I know what I personally like in a wrestling TV show but that certainly doesn’t mean that others might like the direction that I might take. Hell, I might not like it after I saw it air.

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